Brush face how to pay for projects and development? Brush face pay and new retail link.

by:Fdata     2020-07-25
Brush face pay principle is facial recognition technology, a method of face recognition is a biometric. Biometric sounds on tall, choose and employ persons words to describe is: to teach machines to recognize each person to judge now with account people is the owner of the account, to authenticate. Brush face payment application scenario is, at the time of payment, directly to the user for face recognition, validation can pay through, the entire journey without the use of mobile phones. What is a new retail? Why the new retail model? New retail many people should be heard, the feeling is very tall. It's not. New retail enterprise, which is based on the Internet, through the use of big data, advanced technology means such as artificial intelligence, the commodity production, circulation and sales process upgrading, and restore the structure of the formats and the ecosystem, and online services, offline experiences and retail a new mode of modern logistics in depth integration, in October 2016 by former alibaba group chairman jack ma is put forward. But said three word is good. Use of big data to find accurate customer, the use of advanced logistics system, and point to point to provide better and more quality services to our customers. New retail is eventually each business is a taobao, don't have to go into the platform, each has its own small ecosystem. Then brush face payments and new retail and have to do? Brush face to pay the word now very fire, and a lot of people want to take advantage of the tuyere to make a wave of money. All say tuyere pig can take off, but you want to know why this tuyere, or dashed after the tuyere are pigs. Brush face pay is, indeed, technology innovation, the development of The Times, some of the problems of qr code scanning code caused its emergence, but certainly not just a technology, a change of payment. Some, and WeChat pay treasure to pay the market share of the deal, the reason is for certain, but I believe that is definitely not take market as simple as that. Ma 2014 doing research and development, the technology of brush face new retail concept mode just put forward not long, brush face pay is strong to the market. New retail major is relative to the current retail mode, faster, better and more accurate. Brush face pay with its advantage of just can match, 5 g era of brush will only make the face pay better service in the market.
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