'Brush face' let identity check more intelligent, hotel, rent a fast and reliable!

by:Fdata     2020-08-14
Hotel need id card now real-name registration, the hotel front desk also need reference id and himself, compared with the Ministry of Public Security network information, to go through the formalities for a good hotel, the whole process is time-consuming and also easy to get wrong. Now, many hotels are beginning to introduce face recognition terminal or hotel buffet at handling machine, face information data directly through the Ministry of Public Security and reliable safety. In front of the face recognition terminal brush face, can quickly complete the identity verification and brush face, reduce the time waiting to check in. Many hotels also USES the brush face pay cash register with id card identification function. In addition to brush a face pay cash registers, through the secondary development, these brush face devices can also connect the Ministry of Public Security of data, the system hotel check-in. For the hotel, in addition to being able to quickly boost check-out cashier efficiency. Brush the face also means that the later can no id card, room card, connected directly to the hotel system, realize the function such as check-in, brush brush face face to open the door. Ascend residents experience in the hotel, the hotel reputation and customer retention. In addition to the hotel, in the system in the information need of rental housing in the scene, can play a better role in face recognition. Dragonfly brush face connection device itself, for example, pay treasure to the background, in addition to face information, can also be linked to pay treasure to the user's credit rating, similar to the credit reporting system. For user credit points score is higher, can judge the reliability of the landlords and tenants, safeguard the rights and interests of rent on both sides. Brush a face, can not only check the resident identity, rental information synchronization uploaded to the public security departments, convenient check and record. A brush brush face check-in and face the door technology, also leave out the trouble that the landlord send keys to the tenant, brush face can open the door to enter directly, very convenient. Pigs, focus on the mobile payment a big data analysis solutions, mobile payment as the core, independent research and development with science and technology of black brush face pay AI, pay parking non-inductive, brush face pay health insurance, full automatic intelligent system, a red envelope member system, small program, and other products, used in medical, retail, large business, tourism, entertainment, catering and other industries, service for merchants to provide guidance and technical solutions.
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