Brush face pay 5 big profit model, supporting the payment industry rapid development!

by:Fdata     2020-05-24
Brush face is by far the most sought-after payment way, with its convenient, quick, efficient, safe, fresh and a series of advantages also received all the fans. Said a little bit more simple is only when the consumer need to brush a face pay equipment simple system identification, the system will automatically recognize and bind the consumer's personal account, and then automatically deduction. Although pay treasure and WeChat are paid by promoting brush face products, but I believe it should be and not many people understand brush face how should pay money, small make up to explain to everybody here. Casual between, large and small shops, restaurants and supermarkets around us pay brush has been quietly put on face, a face can be through China is becoming a reality. In 2019 represented by pay treasure WeChat platform for the Internet giant companies have released their own brush face pay products, causing the arrival of the era of biological pay. Breakthrough with facial recognition technology development and application of scene, it is no longer limited to the attendance, entrance guard, such as application, also widely used in medical, financial, public security and other fields as well as commercial payments. In 2020, the popularity of the qr code market, brush face pay can spread quickly to the market, is bound to have a lot of market demand. Online face-recognition market scale in the next five years is expected to sustain average growth of 25%, the market scale will reach about 670 billion yuan in 2022. Beginning of this year, less brush face pay practitioners, competition in the market are very few, perhaps who first enter, who can take the first wave of dividends. Tuyere brush face pay is a lot of entrepreneurs. Under the stimulus policy is good, large and small entrepreneurs to clear more, brush into real participants face paying dividends. Brush face pay 5 big profit model: 1. Water FenRun FenRun water as the main income, service is the basic rate of 0. 20 ~ 0. 28%, and the service provider to merchants rate is commonly: 0. 38%, there is zero. 18% of the profit rate. 2. Advertising FenRun relying on equipment with screen and the user terminal, brush face pay also has marketing ability, through the off-peak hours and pay after implantation ads, each device can become a high transmission efficiency advertising machine, and with advertising, there will naturally produce agents also can enjoy revenue sharing. 3. China merchants to join referral bonuses can recruit some city partners jointly launch a career. Please note that they use the remains of your brand, you can harvest some cooperation in the cooperation. 4. Behind the equipment price difference as the new retail infrastructure, WeChat, alipay, union pay pay have launched their own brush face equipment, and in order to seize market share, giants without exception after selecting to the agent as the breakthrough point to become agents can enjoy preferential is far lower than the market price of the bill of lading, and then through the sales brush face pay equipment to earn price difference. 5. Software value-added data fu can liquidate era, advertising services, financial services, value-added services, such as a variety of ways, to develop a specific software services, for example, automatic ordering system, beauty salon lock system, information software services, market price of thousands of yuan, benefits are quite objective. Per a custom program income 5000 yuan, 100 with special needs of custom merchants have 500000 benefits, profit is very considerable. As long as there is where business, there is a deal, as long as there is where transactions, there is a pay, pay never go out of style development will only change. Social development today, the occurrence of any a kind of new business model, it will not be a product of someone flashes, but the mature technology, rich experience in aspects of integration of the crystallization of the ground. Throughout the development of the payment industry whether alipay, WeChat, all have no so big of human and channels, can be brushed face pay alone laying equipment, then brush face payment services, agent arises at the historic moment. Including qr code, the promotion work is done by a large number of service providers.
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