Brush face pay alipay, dragonflies, or will be 2020 catalyst to promote the development of multiple industry!

by:Fdata     2020-05-17
Alipay dragonfly brush face pay is really just need to go to merchants, solved the merchant's many pain points, to merchants also brought important value. First of all, let's say the businessman said goodbye to the cashier through artificial phenomenon, directly to a dragonfly brush face of pay of machine, can really save labor costs for you. The dragonfly brush face pay equipment as a cashier, or even one hundred times on it than artificial cashier intelligent or thousands of times. Second, brush face and member. Every shop want consumers to become members of the store, mechanism, promoting members but, consumers really disgusted. Now as long as through a dragonfly brush face after payment can be a member of the store all the membership discount can be pushed. Facial recognition technology, the future payment is under subversion scene. Pay treasure and WeChat and keen awareness to the change of the direction of the wind, but in the event of a brush face equipment technology, the first to pay treasure to lead a foothold layout, released the first generation of dragonfly after 3 months, WeChat frog delayed start. WeChat missed opportunities, but the coma to resolve first, resolutely pain to hit $10 billion for the frog to brush face pay promotion to make up for in 3 months time. At this point, pay treasure to propaganda the dragonfly promotion budget is only 3 billion, less than a third of it. On September 24, pay treasure to head on, new retail Open Day in Shanghai site, pay treasure to officially announced the budget for the promotion of brush face pay upgrade to unlimited subsidies from 3 billion. Pay treasure to give commitment is future-oriented investment pay treasure never set a limit, this sentence gives us for alipay dragonfly brush face equipment room for the more looking forward to. As this year 5 g of large-scale commercial, 5 g must provide more possibilities, let pay alipay dragonfly brush face with different platforms, enterprise, in the scene collaboration innovation more perfect. Can foresee, when alipay dragonfly brush face after payment into more application scenarios, achieving universal brush face is only a matter of time. The game, on the payment method is not only a competition for market share, more merchants, data, consumer, cloud and so on multi-dimensional market competition. In just a few years of frequent iteration, the characteristics of quick pay has become the industry's most iconic, also reveal the whole market anxiety. But no matter how much pay agency behind have a complex commercial considerations, there is no doubt that they move the market. Brush is also for this reason, pay treasure to dragonfly face payment or order will be more than 2020 to promote industry reconstruction of the catalyst.
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