Brush face pay development momentum 丨 how to catch the opportunity? What are some advantages of the merchants?

by:Fdata     2020-08-09
Brush face pay is a trend, but not everyone can do! Lying to earn, if you want to do market mouth you probably want to have these three points: 1. Do you have resources, 2. Do you have connections, 3. Do you have a channel. If you don't have this three, do you still want to catch up with the tuyere lying, you'd better find a company that can provide you with the following services: 1. At the lowest cost of marketing to grab your side 2 merchants resources. For your past experience, the existing resources, design personalized 3 ground service. Assist you in matching the most capable open businesses terminal, quickly establish relations of cooperation. Only in this way, you can achieve real income after sleep & quot; Brush face payment & quot; To business what are the advantages: 1, to save time: brush face pay equipment, compared with the traditional, cashier lighter, payment time is 3 ~ 5 seconds, compared to the traditional, cashier time faster, reduce queuing time. 2, lower expenses: Internet giant double WeChat and pay treasure to the popularity of the market support, the early stage of the docking of the cost would be lower, brush a face equipment, can reduce 2 ~ 3 cashier, can reduce costs 10000 yuan per month, a year can reduce spending ten yuan fee. 3, the cashier safe: alipay and tencent a powerful technical support, not only can pay brush face, at the same time can also support flicking code to pay the customer's payment code, voice prompt to prevent escape single brush or leakage. 4. Member management, reduce the cost of making membership card and system, to help merchants have member management, including marketing member's birthday, members of the class management, need not take card, AI members face is. 5. Convenient: compared with the traditional, pay for equipment smaller, lighter, save many cashier equipment, solve the problem such as reconciliation of trouble! 6. After the completion of the marketing function: the consumer pays, and subsequent more marketing function, help businesses realize data analysis, to help businesses lock powder talk to realize consumption again.
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