Brush face pay development pattern and condition!

by:Fdata     2020-06-18
Brush face pay starting in May and June 2019, has appeared in the public eye, and as a new type of payment, there are many people saw the inside of the business opportunities. In brush face pay business, in addition to alipay and WeChat giants provides interface, equipment, technical support, all others can be divided into service providers, agents, retailers, consumers, the four roles. Service refers to the audit, through certain direct docking pay treasure, WeChat, used in direct settlement parameter and businesses into pieces, management background. Generally is a enterprise qualification team doing, individuals can't be WeChat service. Agent is to point to their own do not have become the service condition, and chose a company has become a service provider, pay a fee, has obtained the corresponding qualification, get technical support and operational guidance, thus to expand businesses, earning FenRun. Business refers to its offline store, the high frequency receiving demand, is also willing to try new terms of payment, and with the help of the service provider or agent deployed brush face payment device. Consumers, in theory is that everyone who have spending power. A brush, patterns, and logic do face pay business, different role will be to pursue benefits. And all make the basis of profit, is running the business of running water FenRun. Pay treasure and WeChat with service providers to settle the basic rate is 0. 2%, service providers and merchants clearing industry guide rate is 0. 38% - 0. 6%, the difference between the two rates, is FenRun service providers and agents can earn. FenRun = total water * ( Merchants and settlement rate - Service providers and settlement rate) As two major manufacturers ( Pay treasure and WeChat) Will from time to time, but also introduced a variety of incentives, such as equipment, activate the reward, equipment use rewards, blue ocean scheme for food and beverage industry, colleges and universities, hospitals and other special industry preferential rates, etc. These awards and subsidies, service providers are assigned the decision, with agents and how to allocate employees, are determined by the service provider. As much as possible in order to attract more agents, service chamber of commerce to reward, subsidies, FenRun, packaging very rich, so you can receive a fee. Agents also comparing various agency policy, including fees, FenRun rate, distribution of subsidies, equipment prices, etc. Second, the different point of view some people say that brush face pay is a scam, also someone says much pay pit brush, more someone very bullish on this project, all want to join in the late lie. Why there are so many people would think brush face pay a pit? Because in the early stage of the market, people with ulterior motives, with certain information is poor, opens the kite. False information, exaggeration, transition promise, accept money to run road. In my opinion, is a good industry, the project is a good project, can't because there are some companies or teams cheating, brush the face payment items with scam picture the equals sign. Regular service or technical service providers, is money management. Don't put the intention of becoming the agent as a fool, they will go to inspect brush face pay project, in the part of the eye is to cut the leek, but in fact the formal project, after planning and hard work, is, indeed, can obtain benefits. If the said policy in advance and the cooperation pattern, is real, is real, intention to become agents of friends after their judgement and comparison, to determine the partner, I think that is a kind of investment, business at a time. Leeks, isn't that what all don't do it, hiding behind the keyboard, negative case bad-mouthing the industry gathers up to a few people to give you defined. Third, the development of the industry will be more people to accept and use new way, all need a process. Trend this stuff, some people to see, some people see after; Some people see it, some people see no; Some businesses have the courage to innovation, some merchants only stick to the beginner's mind. Brush face payment is an application of new technology is also convenient to pay trend in the future. Now, I know, will go to the effort, others can hold out until the last, some may wave such as shed, has ended. At the very least, the current domestic one. 1. 6 billion people have used to brush face pay, is expected to increase to 700000000 thousand million people in another three years or more.
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