Brush face pay era, where the benefits of consumers!

by:Fdata     2020-08-08
This year, product upgrading faster. As of October, WeChat has launched two generations of brush frog face pay equipment products, the same is true of alipay. In the latest brush face pay products, WeChat brush and pay treasure to both increase the face namely members, through small program, the function of service businesses. Five years ago, people gradually accustomed to mobile payments, qr code is not only a means of payment, also became the entry of the mobile Internet. Now, no matter pay treasure or WeChat, or the size businesses, all feel brush face pay may be the next entry. Pay treasure WeChat brush face pay agent how to make money? Why want to do face brush? Brush face the most important reason is that do pay is pipeline income, many people may not have known about pipeline income, shallow is passive income, is that there is not much work have, don't go to work also has earned, premise is to the effort and hard work. Is because like a pos machine to make money, for FenRun, that is to make money than traditional pos machine, traditional pos, competitive rates, spell equipment capital, now everyone's hand several mpos, cut to cut off, loyalty is not high, brush face pay real merchants, are the characteristics of big market, high loyalty, FenRun persistence is very stable. Brush face pay advantage of the benefits of consumers save money, the random state, half price to pay, or even free of charge directly! C end consumer resolution B end businessman, the businessman would be to use, just need to be! Lunch fast, good experience! Farewell qr code cumbersome operation, need not take phone, direct payments. Brush face is to meet consumer mentality, to see the store business will be better! The artificial intelligence, creatures represented by brush face pay pay will become mainstream, and is expected to usher in the first year of large-scale commercial entity store in 2019, the future is likely to be popular like qr code payment. Still waiting for what! Join brush face time! ! ! !
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