Brush face pay for product development process and thinking!

by:Fdata     2020-06-20
With the development of smart phones and the Internet, mobile payment has become the current our country's fastest-growing payment. In the process of development of mobile payment, all kinds of new type of payment methods emerge in endlessly, such as qr code, NFC payment, etc. In recent years, with the artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the gradual development of sensor, biological recognition technology has been applied to the field of mobile payment, such as fingerprints and brush face payment, etc. This article mainly introduced the brush face to pay the emergence, development, current mainstream products on the market, future trends and related Suggestions. One, the basic concept of face recognition is face recognition based on people's facial features information for identification of a biometric technology, through the use of the camera or camera collection contains a human face image or video stream, and automatically detecting and tracking human face in the image, and then to detect human faces a series of related technology for face recognition. Face recognition is mainly can be divided into face detection, face feature extraction and matching faces three steps. Among them, the face detection is mainly confirm the face, the pictures or video to determine the size of the face, such as location information; Facial feature extraction is the key area of precise positioning face position, then feature points to grab; Face matching refers to figure out whether the face that exist in the database, and then found in the database matching degree is the highest human face. The biggest characteristic of face recognition technology is the ability to avoid personal information leakage, and USES the non contact ( Users do not need to direct contact and equipment) The method for identification. In face recognition, according to the facial expression of the model is different, can be divided into 2 d face recognition and 3 d face recognition. 2 d face recognition research time is relatively long, method process is relatively mature, but because of the two-dimensional information has depth data loss limitation, can't complete expresses the real face, so the identification accuracy is not high and living detection accuracy is not high. 3 d face recognition on color, texture and depth data information more abundant, so no matter in recognition accuracy or live detection accuracy, 3 d facial recognition is more advantages than 2 d face recognition. 3 d face recognition technology at home and abroad have many colleges and universities, research institutes and businesses are engaged in the research of face recognition related, such as VisionLabs, according to the figure, and clouds from Thomson, kuang, etc. As the research gradually improve, face recognition technology has been widely used in public security, attendance, intelligent access control, financial and security and other fields. Second, the development history and current situation of the brush face pay ( A) Brush development face payment mainly depends on the face recognition technology, is applied to face recognition payments originated from Finland. In July 2013, the Finnish startup Uniqul launched the first payment system based on face recognition. The system checkout, consumers need at the checkout counter in front of the camera pos screen, system will automatically photographed, scanning consumers face, and then compared the image and the information stored in the database. Consumers face information associated with the payment system at the same time, when consumer identity information display, simply click on the touch screen to confirm, all the transaction process is complete. Subsequently, the United States, Britain and Japan and other countries also have launched their own brush face payment systems, such as Google's payment application Hands Free, etc. With constantly improve facial recognition technology, domestic agencies began to brush a face pay technology research and development and commercial exploration, the current present ali, tencent with silver contact situation of the three pillars of the ali is a pioneer. Hannover messe in Germany in 2015, Mr Ma on brush face payment technology for the show. In September 2017, the concept of pay treasure in the KFC restaurant KPRO brush face to pay online, it is also a brush face to pay for the first time in domestic commercial pilot. In December 2018, pay treasure to brush face pay products launched a dragonfly, users can be in hospital, business super, restaurants and brand retail stores and other places to brush a face. In April 2019, dragonflies 2. Zero release. Dragonfly 2. 0 in addition to the fuselage and lighter, brush face pass and pay for stability, and so on has certain improvement, also launched a brush face the membership function. As a business rival, tencent also began to speed up the layout of the brush face to pay. In 2018, brush WeChat face payment system began to use offline promotion. In March 2019, WeChat brush face pay equipment frog is launched, and began to businesses to expand throughout the country. In August 2019, WeChat pay the official launch of carrying scan code, double screen WeChat frog Pro. In addition to the above two institutions, brush unionpay see face after payment business development opportunities, also began to the layout of the related business. In January 2017, unionpay in Singapore financial technology festival shows the Pay system based on Face recognition Face Pay. In October 2019, unionpay and citic bank, the bank of industrial and commercial bank, post office and so on more than 60 institutions jointly issued brush face pay pay for the product. At the end of October 2019, brush unionpay business released its face pay end the blue whale, implements the brush unionpay face brush with WeChat face payment terminal polymerization, the user can choose to enter different brush face pay operating environment.
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