Brush face pay gradually become new important growth point of mobile payment industry. What is its business sense?

by:Fdata     2020-06-18
As a new way of payment, I believe many people understand to the brush face pay is not deep enough, brush a face is a kind of new payment technologies, but it is not only a kind of payment tool, here is what the brush face to pay back those secrets! Brush face pay appear to let everyone in the payment only need to pay brush face to face camera equipment, system automatically deduct fee, not only convenient, but also effectively shortens the time of consumer spending also reduces the manpower cost. Brush face pay is a win-win situation for businesses and consumers. Brush face pay gradually become new important growth point of mobile payment industry. Brush face pay business sense, get rid of the dependence on mobile phone. Before brush face pay out, whether it is pos receive a paragraph, aggregation, qr code collection, sweep the yard gun collection and payment collection box, consumers require the use of mobile phones, if forget to carry mobile phones, can't realize the payment, and pay only will need to rely on human face brush face verification, dozens of seconds can be completed payment, because never forget to carry mobile phones and the proper meal. Second, efficient and convenient. Brush face pay technology through 10 years of agriculture, solve the difficult technical problems, through the biological recognition technology and machine fusion of image processing technology, recognize faces accuracy as high as 99%, at the leading level in the world. Third, the revolution of artificial intelligence. Can brush face payment application opens the revolution of artificial intelligence, in previous applications of artificial intelligence is not very popular, and lands in the commercialization of artificial intelligence, can be widely used for the national merchants, with the rising of expansion of the practitioners and the technology, artificial intelligence and business fit more, but pay brush face is a major initiative of artificial intelligence in the future. Fourth, large data fusion. For traditional retail, all sorts of consumer consumption data cannot be precipitation, such as the consumption age, gender, category, price, and so on consumption records, and no data are difficult to open up new business form, as the foundation brush face payment is through the facial recognition data analysis, help businesses achieve offline consumer behavior and consumer trends, built a portrait based on user consumption on the basis of the crowd, for the merchants management provides accurate data base. And through the user data, product and application to build a new consumer ecosystem. Five, the merchants pain points. Brush face pay early is mainly used in the launch of the chain stores and large supermarkets, for these stores, there are several times every day consumption peak, and the counter is limited, often need to be a long lines, and brush face pay an unmanned self-service shopping, shunt for merchants to peak, and the supplementary member management, data analysis, card voucher cancel after verification, and so on function, solves the problems of merchants. Why want to do face brush? 1, brush face pay is the inevitable outcome of the social development; 2, brush face pay is technological revolution; 3, brush face payment is pay treasure and WeChat introduced products, the two companies to burn money market; 4, trillion-dollar market waiting to have the vision, the people to share; 5, payment is to build a pipeline earnings, clinch a deal at a time, long FenRun; 6, brush face payment is intelligent, seconds kill polymerization of today's popular qr code, code; 7, brush face payment can help business marketing wisdom. Brush, so to speak, face to pay both to consumers and businesses, earnings are full, believe that with the popularity of brush face to pay, you can see our life at any time later brush face pay, can realize living on face at any moment.
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