Brush face pay has been widely used, understand the use will be known as the 'four rules'!

by:Fdata     2020-06-05
Brush face pay in popularizing widely used now, although the market did not scan code coverage, but less than 2 years in promoting rapid recognition by the market, is very alarming. But brush face to pay people money transactions, no strict rules constraint, risks will be incalculable. Therefore, brush pay regulate must face. Brush face payment rules, on January 20, 2020, China has released the related payment and settlement association convention management: the face recognition offline payment industry self-discipline convention ( Trial) Regulations, convention from the transaction security, terminal management, risk management, protection of the rights and interests of users and other multi-angle request specification. A. Brush set face pay business threshold for the convention: a legal qualification of brush face payment business, and the core business system trial operation shall not outsourcing convention clear: the member units to carry out the brush face payment business involves the interchange, by the central bank interbank clearing system, or has the legal qualification of the clearing house. At the same time, pay the single service member unit is engaged in the brush face accept payment single link sensitive information security management responsibility, may not be the core business system operation, to accept the end key management, specially engaged qualification audit work to outsourcing service institutions. 2. Personal information collection must pass I authorize for the convention: adhere to the user authorization face information data collection, minimum, and merchants and accept single institution shall not collation and intercept consumer information. Face brush face information leakage is to pay the biggest security hidden danger, to face the application of data and information are more cautious, for businesses or enterprises or other organizations for the behavior of the personal information, must be used to inform the purpose, methods and scope. At the same time, keep in mind that accept single institutions, businesses and other dealer has the right to information collation and intercept the original face. 3. Pay can't just brush brush face face authentication confirmation for the convention: to control risks, brush face it is necessary to adopt payment password or other technology of let I made voluntarily, and the agreement trading limit. Brush face pay still belongs to the biological characteristics with human face for the first time to launch new products, in the aspect of technical detection, face recognition is still a lot of deficiencies, for cosmetic surgery in face, with machines identify risks has become extremely high. Therefore, brush face + dual authentication or cross validation or other ways is very necessary, at the same time, the limitation is to prevent identification error, the effective measures for reducing traders money loss. Four. Payment business connectivity, through institutional barriers between pilot convention: support payments interconnectivity, avoid more than one tank machine payment business connectivity, is also in order to improve the consumer experience, if you can't sweep, mobile phone APP and bar code every time payment to switch, the operation and risk is big trouble, at the same time, ali, baidu, and other enterprises face algorithm and technical characteristics of each are not identical, also bring considerable resistance to develop the market. Payment business communication interoperability, not only improve consumer experience, also saves the cost of merchants, more promote market competition. The face recognition offline payment industry self-discipline convention ( Trial) 'Is based on the present to brush a face for the business development and technology category, try out the specification of the law, but also national innovation payments for protecting consumers' rights and interests and to carry out the regulation of protection.
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