Brush face pay high value model is square, four patterns of openness is expected to bring new development opportunities for the industry parties. Face recognition technology

by:Fdata     2020-06-19
Surgery is the fastest growing biometric recognition technology, is widely used in security, public security, finance, etc. Ken peng, points out that China has very advanced brush face recognition, mainly domestic financial institutions and institutions of science and technology in fact generally involved in the construction and application of the brush face recognition, such as baidu, jingdong algorithm has its own brush face. Brush unionpay face to pay the product features in October 2019, the sixth world Internet conference held in zhejiang wuzhen financial depth fusion of science and technology, many fu on the BBS, brush unionpay jointly released more than 60 institutions face to pay for the product. On the specific operation, brush after face to pay the product user registration, payment use without medium, users face brush after pay six on the password keyboard input password. Ken peng, points out that the password keyboard in communication with the early stage of the industry will lose convenience, on the other hand, brush unionpay face six pay pay products add input password process in retained the convenience at the same time, increased security. Ken peng, brush unionpay face products meet user authorization, minimum enough, pay and leave, dispersed storage requirements, in order to realize the whole process of information of users' personal information protection, and through a variety of means to ensure the safety of the user money. In addition, brush unionpay face pay products can provide various services, can be generated by paying traffic entrance, also can for merchants to provide member management and value-added services such as advertisement. Compared with the brush face pay third-party payment release, brush unionpay's face pay is open mode of platform products, products more participants, including unionpay, commercial Banks, single institutions, merchants, service vendors and safety assessment institutions. Unionpay is dedicated to the parties joint industry, build a mutually beneficial and win-win new ecological payment. At present, brush face to pay the product has been in ningbo, hangzhou, guangzhou, jiaxing ( Wuzhen) , changsha, wuhan, hefei and other regions for commercial pilot, covered with chains, retail, business park, government departments, self-help, key points, such as the hotel scene, and is developing mobile POS support brush face payment functions. Brush brush face paying job prospect key problems and Ken peng face pay Suggestions about the key problems, mainly has the following several aspects. First, brush face payment and qr code, not by other means of payment is a coexistence relationship. This is mainly because mobile phones will not be immediately replace, therefore, brush face pay will coexist with other means of payment for a long time. Second, brush face pay on intelligent device, this means that from hard to soft to upgrade the capability of the merchant, this influence is beyond pay for itself. Brush to brush the face after, face to demand higher pay for hardware, the hardware revolution, on the basis of intelligent will run a lot of cash register software, can affect the merchants enters sells saves the aspects of content, marketing, member management, software revolution possible, lay the foundation for smart business. This is the real revolution of the impact of business, in the process, equipment load is more than just pay. Change will affect the industry organizations to the influence of the merchants, especially sinking market or small and medium-sized businesses, after this round of the single market segmentation again, has a great influence on the next change appear relatively distant time. For payment mechanism, terminal solidification is completed, to enhance the service based on terminal software system and software. Third, brush face pay high value model is square. Because the brush face pay scene applicability, partly due to the risk of consumer acceptance, a separate institution building independent pattern brush face using the environment there was some concern on the risks and benefits, based on the four corners of the open mode more secure. This includes open use pay to accept the environment and based on the intelligent terminal of open non payment functions using on this basis, the industry can have a new style, new opportunities, industry, business services will be more booming. Single hardware and software application in open mode will be more strong light coupling characteristics, can be in their respective advantages of hardware and software, seriously do every link, there will be a very big development space. Under the condition of the above characteristics, in the same brush brush face blind on the terminal is expected to quickly. Fourth, strictly implement the regulatory requirements, related standards, validation, routing, is conducive to safeguard the interests of all parties. On the one hand, strict enforcement of the People's Bank of China in the financial technology ( FinTech) The development plan ( 2019 - 2021) 'And' brush face work related files in the normative requirements, is conducive to the realization of the interests of all parties, on the other hand, is beneficial to the whole development of financial technology, is conducive to fair competition of the market, is advantageous to the benign development in industrial ecology. Fifth, pay attention to multimodal development. Now discuss more is to brush a face, but simply rely on brush face for payment and authentication, also can't technically meet the present and the future for a period of time the demand of the whole scene, multimodal helps to solve this problem. In addition, facial features are characteristic of the weak privacy, this is a very important factor to consider, as a result, other payment based on strong privacy biometric information is worth more attention.
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