Brush face pay in 2019, for those routes, advancing with The Times!

by:Fdata     2020-08-12
Time such as the blink, twinkling of an eye, only the last day of 2019. In the past 2019 years, whether business or personal, is trying to have the dream of sailing, for, when the focus on intelligent hardware customization of high and new technology company, in 2019 the most proud of is independent research and development production of many brush payment system in the face. Review of mobile payment market in 2019, after sweeping the rapid development of the code to pay, brush face pay gradually into people's horizons, to get the height of the stores and customer appreciation and great recognition. Many shops in the mighty brush face payment under the spring tide of brush face pay equipment are introduced, only a few seconds, can complete the payment. Removed due to run out of battery or cell phone no signal can't sweep yards pay it trouble. According to pay treasure to joint flying pigs net released figures showing that 2019 during the National Day golden week, the foreign mobile payment also hit a record high, the per capita pay nearly 2500 yuan, up 14% from a year earlier, the single consumption amount year-on-year growth of 11%. Under the impetus of the environment, the two big pay alipay and WeChat launched the alipay dragonflies and WeChat frog, are gradually brush face pay market layout, also USES the subsidy policy, help businesses to build hardware facilities, develop brush face payment habits of consumers. In addition, many other biological technology in the field of gradually exploring into the pay, including voice, eye lines, palmprint, etc. Voiceprint technology, in particular, according to relevant experts, the technology as a result of the acquisition device hardware cost is low, Ordinary microphone) , forge the difficulty is high, is likely to be after fingerprint, face, the fastest in the actual application of financial payment products biological recognition technology. Thus, the future of mobile payment will become more and more diverse, more and more convenient. When rich, science and technology in the field of expanding biometrics will be a long way to go.
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