Brush face pay intelligent device, easy payment safely liberation of your hands!

by:Fdata     2020-06-19
Now, a small brush face pay equipment saves a lot of business cost, and reduces the area, only about one over ten of the original. Data show that over the past five years, China mobile payment transaction scale has been increased by a factor of 33, 2018 reached 200 trillion yuan, the world's first. Pay treasure, WeChat pay, pay unionpay industry giant has occupied the market. 2018, WeChat and alipay introduced a brush face pay equipment, and began a large number of commercial, service providers, agents and brush face pay more practitioners to focus on. Back in 2019, IT and the investment community almost all the most popular topic is about 5 g and AI two hot areas. Some in the industry, said the 5 g and artificial intelligence seems to be irrelevant, but is actually complementary to each other, wisdom city, unmanned, wisdom and retail will benefit from the dual drive 5 g AI. Among them, the heat in the field of intelligent retail brush face to pay in the near future, is expected to become the fastest catalytic application scenario 5 g AI. As is known to all, pay treasure to leading WeChat pay is absolute advantage in the field of electronic commerce. WeChat pay, on the other hand, with the advantages of 1 billion users, is competitive with alipay. In the past few years, the rapid development of mobile payment lead to the change of payment technology. NFC payment, payment code, fingerprint payment and other terms of payment is very active in our daily life. With the mature of facial recognition technology and the improvement of people demand for convenient and secure payment, brush face pay gradually into the public view. First of all, it is businesses and consumers to brush face pay a win-win situation, brush face pay has gradually become new important growth point of mobile payment industry. Brush a face not only changed people's life, but also brought a lot of convenience to the enterprise. 1, brush face payment greatly save the time cost of users. For example, when the cashier at the checkout, 10 commodity users need to 56 seconds to complete the payment, and only 10 seconds to complete the payment to brush a face. 2, payment brush face to a great extent, save the merchant's labor costs. The rising cost of artificial retailing has become enterprises urgently need to solve the biggest problem. However, after the introduction of artificial intelligence to brush face equipment, brush face machine is equal to 1. 5 the checkout counter, equivalent to three the cashier every day. In addition, brush face payment applies to how to use membership to stimulate the old customer competition. In the face of this part of the demand, the traditional membership card is hard to meet the needs of businesses, while firmly grasp the brush members face payment by this wave of market dividends. For consumers, better solution is to pay AI brush face. Even mobile phones without electricity or no purse, can complete the payment, a face can travel around the country. Payment for businessmen, brush a face is good news. For example, it can effectively relieve the peak time line and the phenomenon of pay, improve the efficiency of pay, save labor costs. 3, brush a face behind pay trillion-dollar market technology, face recognition technology can improve the productivity, brush face payment can not only reduce costs, improve efficiency, can also bring new interactive experience and applications. With the depth of 5 g and AI fusion, brush face 2020 times will accelerate to enter. Statistics show that in the future face recognition of the size of the market will maintain the growth rate of around 20%. Therefore, comprehensive brush face pay is only a matter of time. Therefore, we have reason to believe that China will enter a new era of comprehensive brush face to pay! Brush face of payment, can through the optical fiber distance measuring millimeter face information, such as depth of the face, high nose, eyes of concave and convex degree, fault tolerance rate can reach 1/1000000, with the body detection technology and large data system of risk control system and environmental factors, can quickly identify.
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