Brush face pay investment model explanation, choose to suit oneself is important!

by:Fdata     2020-06-19
Brush face payment is pay treasure and WeChat offline payment method was introduced in 2019, tencent and ali subsidies in the business, this is actually a offline upgrade, the original old already has perfect payment business, what language is the new store need to go to decorate, this is an opportunity for brush face to pay. Brush face pay is a scam? Can't make money? First brush face pay merchants mainly is facing the industry B end, you have the resources or to circle the resources can be engaged in this industry. Pay a lot of companies are telling you brush face industry can earn only FenRun FenRun and screen advertising, actually otherwise, pattern is different, I know that the things are different. Like you as a brand agent you can earn really just water FenRun and screen advertising; But do WeChat alipay service you can earn more money, profit qr code advertising, channels, reward, reward and so on official business activities, in addition to making money services can be more thorough understanding to the industry. , of course, the amount of investment each mode is different, is not necessarily the source to do best for you. Brush face pay has a variety of model: agent, stick a card, and deployment. Agent is the lowest cost of trial and error, can earn and understand the industry; Simple point is at a lower level of the agency for service providers to develop businesses make water FenRun. System OEM: namely others mature system with your own brand that has become its own brand. This advantage is that without to form a technical team to develop their own systems, then someone will ask their development system is not better? All the control rights in their own hands. In real time and not so simple, to develop a complete set of payment system is not difficult, actually the most difficult is to develop after the test and maintenance, the details of the payment system very much, want to pass the test onto the market and market validation to use, system stability and the stability of the channel is to pay the key factor for the industry to survive, system can be very good solution to this. Source deployment development: this is the literal meaning, direct procurement system development source code. The advantage is the ability to system for secondary development, which means that everything can change the system. This need is to have a certain strength. Have their own technical development team and to the industry have a certain understanding and cognition, only buy source without development is equivalent to not buy, not development system or suggestion just stick a card of the system. You should know that the popularity of brush face pay, this is why many entrepreneurs want to engaged in mobile payment industry, many people want to himself as a service provider, but they don't have the technical team, so I can only looking for someone else to build system. Face to brush the payment system developed independently, you need to know! Brush face payment systems need basic structure: 1, customer information management, including identification of users, businesses, the management of basic information, the agreement; 2, card coupons management of coupons, vouchers, coupons production, distribution, use the process of management; Pay channel management: channel interface, configuration parameters, costs, limitation and QOS management; 3, account management and billing system account information and transaction flow, proof of charge to an account, etc. The account here generally refers to the account on the system wiring, using unilateral account. 。 Accounting system can record internal account. 4, order system general orders can be independent of the business system. The order here mainly refers to the order of payment. The early stage of the product market research, product manager for need, product design and development of prototype system. You then need to system development for the UI, technical development team. If you are not familiar with technology development, you will consume too much energy. A simple example, offline mobile payment involves the PC software of cashier, businesses need to suitable for different industry, and take up the stress tests, ensure that multiple merchants system can keep stable when used at the same time.
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