Brush face pay investment potential? Brush face payment have a risk?

by:Fdata     2020-08-08
All know, in the payment industry is clear, the payment industry has huge potential, and long-term water FenRun. Is a project once and for all, so brush face, attract a large number of personnel. Brush brush face pay just face the project beginning, behind more brush face about the project, the project has huge potential. Include hospitals, schools, enterprises and institutions, large and concentrated water place. Brush face pay is the 3 d facial recognition technology, in the face recognition, can through the combination of software and hardware for testing, to judge whether the face of the collected by photos, video or software simulation generated. In addition, such as brush face payment functions requires the user to open operation, to pay after opening, the user can also shut down at any time, and only in the input password alipay payment App to open brush face. Ant gold suit said, even in account by using small probability events, pay treasure will be paid in full by the insurance company. So brush face payment risk is the lowest. Even a small probability event, pay treasure will be paid in full. In conclusion, I think the brush face payment worth extending.
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