Brush face pay landing, the three strategy explanation!

by:Fdata     2020-06-03
To fall to the ground, and provides some feasible ways for everyone, be born customers can be divided into small and medium-sized customers, big client and agency unit three categories, analyze customer pain points and leave the promotion strategy, the hope can help you friend: a, small and medium-sized businesses: possible to attract merchants signed for most small and medium-sized businesses, brush face to pay is not important, the trend of the future and value the important point is the price of the equipment, and whether there is a reasonable rate, brush after all face pay equipment cost more than traditional cashier, some merchants are accustomed to using static qr code are not willing to pay big money to buy such a machine. In the face of such businesses, the key word is favorable, namely on the costs and fees to come to a enough discount. In advance also can again to pay treasure to reward policy, completes the costs and benefits of accounting, ensure to merchants and benefits at the same time, it is still profitable. After some investigation, for high water merchants, can use the form of free attracts merchants signed a contract, but must with signed an agreement with the provisions of the length, in the end through water FenRun, and pay treasure to recover the cost of your reward. For low flow of customers, you can try to use the deposit refund policy, to make its first convince to cost, to return the deposit after the merchant to complete a certain task. Big customers: from the perspective of enterprise, improve running efficiency of large customers and small and medium-sized customers, the biggest difference is the former care more about how to improve the management efficiency, reducing marketing cost. The cost of the equipment in the eyes of big customers will carry on a simple valuation, if can let them see the rise in operational efficiency, plus the rate of discount, the brush face also can be accepted by the payment. As high water mass big client, agent could be in agreement on the basis of free or low-cost equipment. Under normal circumstances, a big client representative is management, and their cooperation plan, must want to consider more details from the perspective of enterprise, the depth excavates its operation on the spot, and the feasibility of the scheme are given finally. Cooperate with big clients of another benefit is, behind a big customer tend to have a lot of potential customers, sometimes there will be more more herd behaviour, when successful, income is very considerable. Three, agency unit: emphasis on wisdom office for agency units such as colleges and universities, hospitals and subway station, compared to brush a face to make efficiency, favorable, intelligent life is the most important thing. The artificial intelligence is under national policy support, some sufficient budget unit will not very care about the price of the machine, as long as to cater to the development of the policy, more talk about the benefits of brush face equipment installed, often can lead to further cooperation. Brush face pay brings all the emergence of convenience, at the same time, the promotion of its inseparable from the efforts of people to pay. Both the development of The Times and the demand of the market, brush face payment already is the trend of The Times. If you want to do the big winners in the pay reforms, it will take time to be born, seizes the market!
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