'Brush face pay' let the village financial post fire

by:Fdata     2020-07-28
Heard about it, the za village financial post can not only do financial business, still can brush face shopping. Launched mobile banking, I have just been to see, this together buy vegetables more fresh! Pay in these days, the brush face nearbu Liu Xin community WeChat group suddenly fire, many people within the group of appointments, want to come to check the financial post. On February 24, sweep face pay equipment on nearbu agri-businesses Liu Xin community bank financial post, became the first into the brush face pay agri-businesses financial post of The Times. As a new intelligent financial products, brush face pay for offline payment scenarios, adhere to the security for this, pay the elements in addition to face data, also contains a user APP on the mobile end brush set on the face of pay password, face feature collection clear authorization by the client through the special payment password equaling actively, meet the customer's right to know and property rights and other lawful rights and interests. Financial internal station is located in the community, is the science and technology led happiness of stage 2. 0 mode, finance, electricity, convenient, science and technology, community and other five one convenient function, to provide 'one-stop' work style, multi-functional, comprehensive financial services. Station layout online banking experience all sorts of convenient financial equipment such as machine, a portable intelligent teller machines, convenient service facilities as well as a medical machine, copier, which can realize different, instant open card, an inter-bank large transfer, physical examination and other affairs to deal with. In addition, set up intelligence e hot style items area, all goods on sale. Residents can also according to the business to accumulate points within the customer integral system, for specified goods, meet the needed for daily life. Especially during the outbreak, nearbu agri-businesses bank launched joint intelligence e bought fresh zones, people never leave home can enjoy safe shopping and business is dealt with one-stop service. Brush a face for equipment support WeChat flicking face, bank card face ( Cloud flash pay) , pay treasure to sweep code multiple payment channels, and make it possible to eat their face, residents choose good goods, do not need to take out a cellular phone, can be realized without contact service, greatly improved the customer payment experience, enhance the sense of financial services. From the credit card payment to sweep code V to pay, and then to today's brush face pay, is nearbu agri-businesses Banks continue to increase the intensity of financial technology, build a payment security defense, provide fast financial services for the people of another important step. Has long been nearbu agri-businesses bank adhere to the science and technology is popular the line line, product innovation, deepen the service, improvement of process, committed to build to save time, save worry, energy saving new mode of science and technology, financial services, to become a close financial partner to the people around you.
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