Brush face pay outbreak hit, wait! Brush face pay spring will come.

by:Fdata     2020-05-13
Originally called brush face to pay the first year, 2019 WeChat, alipay, brush unionpay in this year are layout face to pay, not increase subsidies, and is to upgrade equipment. Subway, railway stations, airports, scenic spots, shopping malls, supermarkets, vending machines, such as scene, also gradually brush face equipment installed. Application scenarios spread, brush face pay savings forces ready to burst. However, the outbreak came, brush face payment application scenario for the rest. In addition to the application scenario sharply reduced, the current public wearing a mask is a must to implement the prevention and control measures. It also makes some stores, now is still in the business have closed the brush face payment device. Brush face payment equipment into decoration, bluff type and volume fell. Under the condition of the whole closed on the offline service industry, in the industrial chain upstream of the brush face bleak payment providers. Brush face pay ninety percent overall decline in trading in up and down, services more difficult. Now lower trading brings the main volume decline in revenue, and at the same time we also unable to expand their business, or business maintenance. A brush face payment providers and describes their difficulty to the reporter, he expects the merchants may have until April to use machines, must experience a gap period of merchants disappear. The reporter understands, under the current outbreak, many brush face came under pressure from the previous equipment check payment providers, loan repayment pressure. But in addition to brush face pay, and the overall offline payment impact is very big. Services described above payment industry hit three echelons: one is business super merchants as the main body of the software or plug-in services, business decline in 40% to 50%; Two was mainly used for small and medium-sized businesses in four platforms, the decline in 60% to 75%; Three services of catering, entertainment industry, the decline in 90% to 100%. Review brush face to pay more than a year of evolution in the past, there is quite a pour each big pay giant fire. In December 2018, pay treasure to launch brush face payment product dragonfly; In March 2019, WeChat launched brush face pay equipment frog; At the end of 2019, brush unionpay to succumb to incoming also launched face payment product the blue whale. During the brush face payment entered a stage of large-scale application scenarios, incoming, including equipment manufacturers and service providers and businesses in the industrial chain. Many businesses, restaurants, supermarket offline, such as small and medium-sized businesses received the brush face pay promotion offer equipment dealers. And preferential rates have successfully attracted numerous offline businesses involved. But there is in security question of pay is not like sweeping brush face payment code across the entire industry, also reversed transmission brush face pay industry gradually evolved in the questions. However the outbreak, all press the pause button.
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