Brush face pay potential impact, mainly exist in the capital and the information security

by:Fdata     2020-06-04
For consumers, brush face to pay in cash, and information security risk from two dimensions is obvious and urgent, but even more profound impact from the enterprise in the competition for market dominance of this competition not only can enlarge the risk of the first two, may also be stretched duration, may even increase the new hidden dangers. It is in this sense we say, consumer financial funds, and information security in addition to specific consumer protection measures, also depends on a healthy market competition order, but in this respect, brush a face and the whole mobile payment market has the trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside. First, look from market competition tactics, payment institutions need to send the connectivity era ( Barcode payments) , need outside the bar code to build new barriers, and brush pay equipment is an important part of face, especially compared with barcode, brush face equipment integration technology, covers an area of big, Compared with the code card) Deployment, high cost and the merchants are likely to be only one, exclusive original pay above barcode, unprecedented fierce competition. Secondly, from the business strategy game, brush face pay by paying the transformation of the medium, the phone works with or without, App importance weakens, this undoubtedly give chaser corner overtaking opportunities. Especially in more than two super strong market pattern, the mobile payment chaser originally was to be the king of the PC network to pay, has as much as ( Even in some aspects such as impact on the terminal equipment manufacturers such as above) Market share leader's strength, just as leader in showing the advantages of social networking platforms, this situation, the competition will be more intense and deep, the accumulation may even by brush face to pay the success or failure of the reverse. In addition, with payment of the equipment to redeploy, business logic of the major changes, the end customer (B Merchants) Scramble to smoke again, in addition to the hardware, services such as software resources is even more important. And optimization of service plan depends on the accumulation of data, it can strengthen the competition intensity in a dimension. Thirdly, from the upstream and downstream industries, brush face pay strong externalities. Brush face pay is a integration of a number of software and hardware technology, flexor, sensors, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and distributed storage, multiparty secure computation, and other areas of the popular nowadays is no exception. Brush face paying enterprise competition not only can spill over into the industry, has the possibility of fuelling bubbles, engaged in the competition, the enterprise also will motivated the initiative to establish their respective standards, improve the assurance of pair of upstream and downstream and control, to strengthen the brush face pay the voice of the market. Thus, the current brush face modest pay market actually hidden under the appearance of gloves came off potential energy, and regulatory focus on the key, also should not be aimed at individual institutions, but the behavior should be based on correct principles, focus on market healthy and sustainable management of ecological maintenance competition order. In this background, from the unified standard of brush face equipment, will pay the agency designated area impulse nip in the bud, is beneficial to obtain maximum output with the smallest input, seize the key work.
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