Brush face pay prevailing in the market, the business opportunities? How to choose the cooperation of company?

by:Fdata     2020-05-19
Now brush face pay is pushed to the forefront, a lot of people to understand the business opportunities, pay after another to join the camp, and also has a large proportion of people in a state of wait-and-see, because they never do the payment industry, don't know how to start, after full understanding feel many routines, afraid of into the pit. Brush face pay is an opportunity as well as with the risk, in fact do brush face payment program is very simple, you only need to master some brush face to pay the foundation of business knowledge and business resources, don't need you proficient in technology, the technology is often provided by your cooperation service ( A better approach is to directly find technology corporation) And any technical problems is also provided by their solutions. So choose a company technology strength is particularly important, and a lot of risk is a link, in choosing a company won't choose, or covet is cheap, or by the other party's interests to promote paralysis of the eyes, a carelessly into the pit. Then we pay when the project how to do brush face the choice of a company? First, you can check with qi, eye check about the strength of the company, registered capital, time, scope of business and other information. Can open platform in WeChat pay or ant gold look to whether can query to the company. If the query has shown, it is showed that the company has in open platform, is a normal service, but does not represent a ISV service provider ( ISV refers to independent software technology development) Is divided into ordinary and ISV service provider, service provider, that is before his company may only be a service provider, and brush face payment application service providers must have their own independent soft technology to develop the ability to become ISV service providers. So how to identify whether for ISV software technology service provider, you can go to inspect to see if there are enough soft besides these also look at the software copyright, the company's marketing training, after-sale operations, actual case studies, and in the field have a mature solution. Now on the market, most companies can only do some simple businesses, namely docking simple payment collection function, membership function and other basic function, and butt don't like hospitals, schools, bus, subway and other large areas, which is the difference of technology, and these companies cooperate you just tinkering around the edges, not is the elimination of the object, because your cooperation company no technology development ability, can't customize for merchants to function, also can't better and faster to complete the system update iterative upgrade, technology industry eventually compete are technology, so the importance of technology determines whether you is still once and for all to participate in this industry.
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