Brush face pay self-help container, increase the promotion and interactive role!

by:Fdata     2020-05-18
Besides brush unionpay's face pay cash registers, jingdong pay in the 6th world conference on Internet are introduced to support the brush face pay no buffet container, can be used in the food and beverage retail scene, which can realize self-help shopping, brush face various verification functions such as payment and transaction. It is worth noting that the self-service sale container brush face payment solutions are also provided by China unionpay. Since the alipay dragonfly brush face pay cash register after launch, stretching out more function equipment and application scenarios. Along with the development of the brush face payment technology and mature, brush face pay module embedded in table intelligent cash registers, vertical self-help order machine intelligent hardware devices such as is not rare. Brush face pay itself can accelerate the rate of cash receipts and payment, and get through the information flow of offline online, get a better business user interactive experience. But different from the application in the food and beverage retail scene brush face pay cash registers, with the function of brush face pay no buffet container mostly sold in the shop assistant, so how to play the role of promotion and interactive? Retail industry there is an old saying: merchandising is a silent salesman, especially in the self-help container this space more narrow place, how should put can stimulate customer purchase desire, let the goods sold better? In addition to the most common, according to the principle of first in first out classification according to the items and color ( Adjacent color contrast shoulds not be too big) Considering from the vision, to put on display, people look at things often from left to right, so we put in self-service vending machine goods, can put the most popular products on the buffet to sell to the left side of the container, quickly attracted the attention of the customer. In addition, the line of sight of people the most concentrated in parallel to the line of sight range & 25 deg. Left and right sides, and then based on the average height of adult customers to determine the commodity put height, is the most ideal. At the same time, according to the regional population consumption level to choose goods shelves, some high-end office buildings, for example, container is put in self-service sale price higher coffee may be popular, but in some industrial factories may be unpopular. In addition, self-help to sell container put location also has exquisite, such as some traffic dense railway stations, subway stations, airports, schools, industrial parks, scenic spots, hospitals, hotels, suit to put self-help vending machine. Especially sports grounds, swimming pool which is not convenient to carry a purse, cell phone, can brush face support container that let customers pay self-help sold directly by brush face pays to buy goods, without having to worry about forgot or carry mobile money trouble. Imagine, economical to run after you exercise, the self-help vending machine to buy a mineral water, brush a face the whole experience is very convenient.
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