Brush face pay the advantages and disadvantages in where?

by:Fdata     2020-06-04
This year a lot of people may notice, chain stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, the brush for face and start is made, pay treasure in WeChat brush face pay later appeared, on the market began to revolve around WeChat, alipay, out of all kinds of brush face payment product. Brush face pay, also let everybody have put down the wallet, mobile phone, around the world also don't be afraid. Ma said brush face payment will replace scan code and password to pay, and code to pay will not necessarily is the ultimate mobile convenient payment. So let ma so confident brush face to pay what disadvantages? Advantage: brush face payment application is facial recognition technology, convenient to use their phones is away from home can, only need to enter the phone number, can be brush face after payment, need not carry mobile phones, also do not need to use the Internet, a new type of payment are than you are now pay more convenient use of a code. Disadvantage: the same face recognition is also a double-edged sword, we can't stop the emergence of new technology, also can't obstruct the application of new technology. And new technologies is not equal to zero risk, although the application of face recognition technology has greatly increased the work efficiency, using the implementation of informationization means no boundary interconnection concept, but when the digital era, we worry about is their information and identity account will leak, appear such problem through normal telephone customer service can fill do, report the loss of operation to recover quickly, or need special after-sales customer service channel. So for facial recognition technology, there are many concerns and concerns, the body's attempt to application of biological information, will there be more human body information application scenarios, to criminals to run amok? The future once the loss of information associated with face recognition, there will be a corresponding remedial measures, and so on. Brush face pay safe? When the facial recognition technology and payment technology, the combination of the concerns of people is turned into a double, people will doubt whether technology can identify the brush head? The twins can share a face? Before, during and after the girls before and after the makeup or cosmetic facial recognition technology will be blocked? Brush the face is to validate the face information that holding the drawee photos can you pay? A series of problems thrown up, brush makes face payment dispute. Are displayed, although the horse dad personally end test is not himself. And there are subtle differences between the twins, may not be able to accurately identify the artificially, but not necessarily can't machine. Possible because the alternative is higher, a lot of people are very similar, so people pay to brush a face and facial recognition technology of confidence is obviously inadequate. Actually brush face and fingerprint payment almost a truth, it is difficult to find two fingerprints of the same person in the world, brush a face is the same. But practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, Ann is unsafe, the market does not recognize the user to speak most. Brush face payment will you use?
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