Brush face pay, understand the market trend, seize the tuyere, a shoo-in!

by:Fdata     2020-06-03
Brush face pay market now is great, just in the early stages of the promotion, there is few people know. One to two years in the future, we will see more and more industry, more and more businesses face recognition application scenarios. Will be in the restaurant, retail, leisure, entertainment, beauty, pharmaceutical, hotel, baking, car beauty, maternal and child, and so on industry, widely used. Brush face joining conditions: pay now every customer with merchants resource can do brush face pay, entry threshold is low, brush face pay income is accumulated over a long period of time, not blindly shop equipment for short-term interests, enterprise want to live longer, eyes will be in the long run, so our core is also good for every merchant services eventually fall to the ground, in order to obtain long-term profit and maintain competitive advantage. Since 2018, face recognition technology in the mobile phone to unlock, authentication, payment, etc, is widely used, and has become a mainstream trend, the current 85% of users willing to use brush face biometric technologies such as payment. Especially pay brush face make payment once again achieved, in the next decade by expert consensus forecasts can present the growth spurt. Below said to brush a face to pay the agent's profits come from: first as an example, brush for stores every transaction face to pay the agent can earn brushstroke FenRun, such gains if continue to spread out, was a considerable number. Specifically, as follows, 1, the flowing water commission merchants as long as the sign of the merchants use brush face pay to trade credit products, so the agent can get water commission, merchants, the greater the transaction flow, the more the more you will get commission also. 2, screen advertising revenue is brushed face pays the equipment before the deal, ads can be round. After the success of the payment will have pop-up ads, each transaction will be successful advertising exposure, these ads exposure corresponding to the corresponding returns to the agent. 3, product hardware revenue some merchants will add cashier tool, brush face cashier agent chamber of commerce provided, sweep the yard gun, collection box, such as cashier hardware, the agent can be sold to merchants, earn price difference. 4, software gains equipment system corresponding small procedures, wisdom, catering and order code, member management system software, the agent can charge merchants corresponding use. 5, the official events reward now promote brush face pay will have the corresponding official policy shall be rewarded. Pay treasure and WeChat payments, despite the constraints, a spectrum of businesses or receive. 6, special industry custom solutions agents can have special needs and special function for some industries, businesses to provide customized system solutions, to earn profits. To sum up, brush face payment will is a dark horse, after the mobile payment is the link of the changes to the digital times, and the future trend of payment system. Brush face pay for payment once again achieved, in the next decade by industry experts predict will spurt of growth, now is the time to seize market, seize the tuyere incoming brush face early payment, lie to make money is not a dream!
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