Brush face pay what are the functional advantages compared to sweep code to pay?

by:Fdata     2020-08-15
Mobile payment market increasingly fierce competition, precise marketing, become the main strategy of mobile payment take market entrance. Another change - today is in the midst of the mobile payment Brush brush face payment stage, face payment of one of the main function is to help businesses to establish a complete marketing plans of mobile payment, businesses how to use brush face to pay the entrance open flow channel? A. With alipay and WeChat big data precision marketing brush face for the equipment technology mainly is in pay treasure and WeChat platform, that is the main big data is still in the hands of two platforms, but merchants can be based on alipay and WeChat big data to carry out the marketing, the benefits: 1. Two big data platform for consumer spending habits, let business marketing delivery can be more accurate; 2. Pay treasure, micro worth of credit belongs to the real-name authentication, can eliminate the false that some malicious users. 2. Members to change the traditional mode, improve the efficiency of members opened brush face pay, after completion of payment, can be directly transferred to membership registration screen, the next payment can be directly through the device has reached the member, enjoy treatment of integral. Simple member registration mode, not only can make consumers enjoy the benefits, at the same time save personnel entry time, and can implement the push for a long time, companies to activate membership is no longer a passive. 3. Stimulate consumer repeat consumption, stable repeat traffic ten new customers to its development, is inferior to maintain an old customer any commercial age it is incontrovertible truth, mobile Internet era will be no exception. Merchants can according to local season, popular products and holidays by brush face equipment show discount information, activity information; Can build group by regularly issued coupons at the same time, or to carry out the share gifts such as play, any goods belong to the quality goods, consumer experience, that the basic passenger flow is lost not to drop. Four. Fragmentation coupons and old client privilege coupons both with coupons and cannot let consumers seriously rise, accurate preferential distribution is the drainage of the strategy. Coupon payment strategy is long-term, is not in at the moment, a double tenth, 12-12 is necessary to increase the intensity of coupons, but daily launch coupon after the package would require different content and price per month, in order to attract users to visit. At the same time, also remember to meet the old user privilege mentality, the new and old user privilege, is will let users chilling, not for a long time, for old customers best can use pay treasure and WeChat FuWuChuang reply privately, let old customers can discount more private, coupons differential operation is also a marketing tool with better effect.
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