Brush face payment options source company need to pay attention to four problems!

by:Fdata     2020-05-05
Pay more attention on brush face friend, should know that the source code. When have the means have the independent system. Also means that can build its own brand, to convert their resources, get more profits. But want to have a source code is not simple, not only because of the difficulty of writing and price, also because in today's market environment to find a company of source code is not easy. First understand together under the software source code, source code is written in the original program code. Running software is go through writing, programmers to write programs that need them in the process of language. The use of this source code is for secondary development, according to the modification of the software source code, the new cut function, any docking system. Then, we introduce you to how to choose the source company. One, even if is to find the source code of qualification company, the company's certificate is also important. We can go to pay treasure to ant gold uniforms and WeChat open platform, search is the official service providers, to confirm qualification, avoid encounter is directly buy the corresponding code program, equipment of the company. 2, technology security principle can take a look at the company whether to insist on the following three security principle: one is the information collected to adhere to the principle of minimum user authorization, enough; The second is to make the payment transactions adhere to the principle of expression, multiple authentication; Three is the safety management to adhere to the principle of risk compensation, full protection. Three, the technical team, the company independent research and development ability, whether to have independent research and development team, can develop all kinds of computer software. And provide the software operational guidance, to meet customer demand. Four, and customized according to different form, can provide mobile phone APP and stores code product, can also pay through intelligent hardware, computer plug-in and the SDK/API custom solutions, help all kinds of business access mobile payment, brush face pay, meet the demand of all types of businesses. Above is today an introduction about how to choose the brush face pay the content source company, hope can help to want to understand the knowledge of a friend.
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