Brush face payment security problem!

by:Fdata     2020-05-23
2019 is the payment of the first year of commercial brush face. According to ai media consulting released '2019 China brush face payment technology applied social value research report, according to a 2019 brush face pay user will reach 1. By 2022, 1. 8 billion people, will break through 7. 600 million people. Even some assert that the future have a use brush every two Chinese face. According to statistics, the current brush face pay user usage scenarios first five respectively is: supermarkets and convenience stores ( 40. 7%) , mall shopping ( 35. 2%) , vending machines, 27. 8%) , to entertainment consumption ( 26. 9%) And to store food consumption ( 19. 4%) 。 There are 94 respectively. 4% and 89. 6% of brush face after payment product store access, line efficiency and increased customer evaluation, 56. 5% of the respondents think brush face saving time by more than 20%. Brush face pay in combination with different function, can carry out identity check and cash transactions two big functions, can be used in the supermarket convenience stores, traffic aboard, hospital pharmacies, hotels, scenic spots, gas station, such as scene, visible and other application scenario space has a lot of mining. We know that anyone who is as the development and popularization of emerging things tend to be accompanied by a variety of shortcomings. Such as the United States in San Diego, an artificial intelligence company said can use 3 d mask fool face recognition system, for example, many cheater company claims to have brush face to be the sole agent merchants pay, diddle agency cost, the so-called become brush brush face to pay the agent can free face a cash register, Mostly of shanzhai brush face a cash register, Such routines. Let a person can not help but want to ask, brush to pay on face? Brush or face which reliable payment? Actually pay treasure to launch a dragonfly brush face to pay the cash register, had estimated the possibility of countless risk. Attacks on photos, video and 3 d mask, pay treasure to dragonfly brush face a cash register USES is structured light 3 d face recognition camera, plus face recognition vision algorithm and intelligent risk control system, can effectively prevent unauthorized. Level and pay treasure itself as a giant Internet platform, can guarantee to pay in full, this is no ordinary shanzhai brush face a cash register can be done. With the popularity of brush face pay and brush, face equipment function is also to the requirement of intelligent hardware is improving. Such as pay treasure of member management, development of small programs, light, the function such as cloud to pay, in a dragonfly brush face many small programs and software running on the cash register, needs the support of intelligent hardware performance. From memory performance, pay treasure to dragonfly F1 brush face a cash register memory of 4 g, and alipay dragonfly F4 for 2 g memory, running fluency will be lower than alipay dragonfly F1. In the future, pay treasure to dragonflies brush face not just as a cash register, the cash register is a kind of intelligent device and the entry of the aggregation scenarios, bring more possibilities for new business.
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