Brush face payment, since the official commercial appeared in major areas, understand their entrepreneurial tuyere!

by:Fdata     2020-05-19
Brush face payment, since the official commercial fields have brush face payment figure, brush face pay more and more popular. With the popularity of brush face payment, the payment has been slowly begin to appear in our daily life, no matter go to the fruit shop to buy fruit, go to a restaurant, or go to the super shopping, go to the subway and so on, can now be brush face to pay, pay of entrepreneurship has brush face to, so to speak. Moreover, now pay treasure and WeChat pay two giants brush in order to promote the popularity of face pay, have opened up huge subsidies, official support is very large, so the brush face pay to join in time become a hot investment projects. Brush brush then want to do face to pay project, join face payment need what condition? Brush brush face to pay to join condition actually said face to pay to join condition, according to the join type: type a: brush face joining the purpose of the payment. Brush with the purpose to do face to pay to join friends of the project, basically also don't want to invest in, just want to for extra money. This kind of brush face joining conditions did not pay any threshold, because is the equivalent of to apply for to the company to do the salesman. Note is that investment in this kind of mode of companies, entrepreneurs to take inspects the normality of the company and settlement patterns, because you run the merchants of resources is not in their own hands, is held by the company, will be more passive, if companies are not formal, resource hand can turn money to run for a period of time, not to give FenRun, there is no way to you. Type 2: brush face joining to pay business, make your own career, Have their own brand) Brush with the purpose to do face to pay to join project entrepreneurs, so at the early stage of the business is need certain joining fee, need to find a formal WeChat payment/alipay formal ISV vendors, let them to provide products, technologies, systems, training and other technical services. This pattern brush face to pay to join, entrepreneurs is need to open up business resources, but the merchant resource information is in their hands. ISV services equivalent to entrepreneurs to technical service department, to provide technical services to entrepreneurs, if entrepreneurs are not satisfied cooperation company, can bring your own merchant data cooperated with another company, is active. And merchants can accumulate resources, business resources, the more the more FenRun, moreover entrepreneurs water FenRun can see every agent in their background clear than benefits. Brush face to pay to join conditions of this kind of mode, enterprise individual could do it, but you need to join, there are merchants resources enterprise individual more appropriate, can rapidly accumulated business resources. As for joining fees, profit model, supporting policies, etc. , different ISV service providers have different policies, specific need to know the corresponding company.
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