Brush face payment system gradually began to spread in a hospital!

by:Fdata     2020-05-05
A service at present, hospitals online brush face hospitals have been launched to brush face to see the doctor, also are stepping up efforts to other regions, will enable before at the end of December. Hospital brush face to pay online, register will also sharply reduce queuing time. Now many young people, go out even without cash, pay on brush qr code, all hospitals to provide mobile payment way, can make patients more convenient. Patients to pay with a face, stood in front of the self-service machine, can complete face recognition camera for a few seconds, four after patients enter their mobile phone, you can easily register, payment, etc. , for 20 seconds. Two queue times, brush a face saving technical progress brings to the patient's direct benefit is lined up to less than in the past. Before prior to popularization of smart phones, are need to queue to register first, and then line up to see a doctor, after queuing to expend, lined up to take medicine again. Time is wasted on the line. Now, everyone on the APP to register in advance according to the time the APP prompt take number to the hospital, turn right away. Plus brush face pay to save the queue time, more brought convenience to people's life. Three, brush the face pay are not limited to young people to use young people are always full of curiosity about new things, really felt the time after the first use of savings, will recommend the technology to their elders. The more people see the technology advancement, there will be more people to use brush face the function of the payment. Brush face pay for use of simple operation, there will be many middle-aged people can accept the new technology. At present the utilization rate of old people is not high, is due to the old people not know how to use the majority of smart phones, so don't use pay treasure. And that is the future should focus on promotion of brush face pay people. Brush the pig face focus on mobile payment data analysis solutions, mobile payment as the core, independent research and development with science and technology of black brush face pay AI, pay parking non-inductive, brush face pay health insurance, full automatic intelligent system, a red envelope member system, small program, and other products, used in medical, retail, large business, tourism, entertainment, catering and other industries, service for merchants to provide guidance and technical solutions.
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