Brush face payment undertaking tide, and what benefits for businesses?

by:Fdata     2020-08-08
Brush face pay is led by alipay, WeChat followed, a wave of web startups swing across the country. Brush face pay, whether to pay treasure and WeChat two giants, and to equip the following below them to service providers, and offline merchants and terminal consumers, are beneficial. And really the decisive factor to promote the development of brush face pay forward or granted by the state of good policy. Then brush face pay has which points to the benefits of the merchants, the author sorted out the below, hope I can help to you. (1) drainage: meet the demand of consumer experience, better drainage, increase sales directly. Bound using the brush face (2) lock guest: consumers, long-term and stable consumer save labor costs, say goodbye to line up, 2 - payment 3 seconds, self-help cashier, better effect, help save manpower cost. (3) advertising and marketing: 8 inch screen, all-weather direct broadcast outlets is introduced and the latest activities, expand the publicity. (4) the market blank, blank period, straight to merchants, and very good shop. (5) the businessman just need: qr code to brush a face era, 3 billion subsidies to popularize offline businesses, merchants must replace, side decided B and C brush face in front of the tuyere of the payment by now, the company manufacturers want to carve up as soon as possible to belong to own a piece of cake oh, brush and try their best to popularization face pay equipment, makes the agent preferential policy benefits are getting better, it is a great good news for entrepreneurs.
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