Brush face the payment industry, make the payment in the future is full of infinite imagination!

by:Fdata     2020-08-15
Brush face how should pay to invest? As is known to all, brush face to pay the official start of the 2018 commercial, 2019 be paid first brush a face, brush face 2020 fire will burn more and more popular. Brush face pay has a huge market space, good prospects for development, without a doubt, it will be to enter a key link of the intelligent society in the future. Brush face to pay is the underlying technology of face recognition, and face recognition can be fast popularization is brush face pay. Brush brush face payment industry, authority face database was established, the development of large data, the advancement of the Internet of things, the future will be full of infinite imagination. Now, brush face pay are also a lot of the human eye can see business opportunities, then brush face pay what is the future trend? 1, the giant support in the first half of the alipay WeChat has introduced a dragonfly 2. 0 and the frog Pro two brush face pay products, from the time and the name is not hard to smell the thick powder flavor, which pay treasure also plans to invest 3 billion money incentive businesses. Under the big competition, brush face pay will no doubt rapidly spreading like qr code. 2, the future trend from cash to mobile phones, mobile payment has continued with the evolution direction of facilitation, and brush the face is superior to sweep code from security to convenient degree, the progress of science and technology, combined with the central bank to qr code trade restrictions gradually, technically brush face pay popularization is the trend of The Times. 3, new retail foundation brush face is not only a matter of payment of upgrading, it is the center of the retail and wisdom entry through the access system, business can use brush face payment device structures from member management to online marketing a full range of solutions, backed by the world's largest single market, with new retail, brush face will bring trillion-dollar dividend. Brush face how should pay to invest? Pay treasure WeChat subsidies to brush a face is real, no doubt on this point. In the face of strong subsidies, service provider pouring in, but that some of them are not independent technology research and development team, relies on technical support of other service providers. And technical service quality is uneven, some are blueprint is very good, be born bad. So we will look at more service providers of technical strength is necessary. If you have own technical force, can go to a direct docking pay treasure, do have differentiated products, rich brush face payment application function of the market. , of course, you can also rely on the service of technical support, if you want to do brush face pay project, you should first understand the brush face pay aspects of news and information, next to screening have technical strength of the service cooperation, of course you also need to have a sum of money, if there were merchants and business super, hospitals and other land resources is more suitable for this project.
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