Brush face to open a new era

by:Fdata     2020-06-05
Qr code and code payment was born before long, after we are accustomed to throw cash of modern life. Pay treasure suddenly announced: brush face will completely take over Saul code payment. Come on! Too fast! Pay treasure again use their most handy technology, their own life relentlessly leather! There is no way, in front of the brush face pay pay treasure, pay now sweeping code is just a child! More quickly, can finish brush face pay for only 1 second, the whole process of shopping pay less than 10 seconds! More simple: you don't need to scan the qr code, don't even need to take a mobile phone. Because your face is payment tool, select, click on the brush face pay, pay treasure to automatically identify your face and deductions from your pay treasure account successfully! More convenient: for those who are not good at operating, especially those who are not convenient to take phone, brush face pay is simply too convenient! Safer: pay treasure in the brush face pay using the latest 3 d facial recognition technology, combined with the software and hardware testing, May 99. 9% to judge real users. So, how long would it take alipay new features in the country within the scope of application: only need one year! A year later, we will completely abandon now sweeping code to pay, in our life to brush a face more convenient payment. Now that, to let the market popularity, hard to avoid without promotion service team, and technical services team support! Pay treasure to subsidies market in 3 billion, to the market to promote! For looking for project and business friend, at present there is a chance to make a pot of gold at billions of market, the current market is blank, competitive small, acting state subsidies to promote market, merchants are easy to accept. We are currently looking for high city partners, become a partner in cities, brush face payment agent, can enjoy the following benefits and policy support: 1, great deal flow: alipay dragonflies and WeChat frog have been listed, brush face pay equipment can be used by any business, even can use the small shops and vendor. Businessmen after the increase in the number, daily turnover can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions, and which is associated with the huge water commission poundage. 2, pay treasure to/WeChat official support policy: is not only a WeChat, pay treasure will give businesses the biggest support, such as to reduce the equipment cost. In the meantime, will encourage consumers to use brush face payment device. Consumers will be paid by brush face equipment for a full discount or random red envelopes. 3, partner support policy: to become a partner city, can enjoy a series of supporting policies, including brush face pay for equipment support: KA merchants provide free equipment, equipment debugging landing support, product training, support a variety of materials and technical services, etc. 4, value-added services: brush face not only can pay a profit, and with the popularity of brush face pay equipment, more value-added service scenario will also be put into use, such as display ads, paid advertising, pay financial services, such as city partners can benefit from it. Sweep brush face pay is the code another dividend period after payment. If you are still waiting to see the mobile payment business, don't miss.
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