Brush face to pay more than pay, medical treatment, mining wisdom self-service cashier new scene

by:Fdata     2020-06-20
Brush face pay cash register launched nearly a year, has been widely used in food and beverage retail business scenarios, etc. It is predicted that in 2019 total ownership is about 50 million pos machines, it also means that brush face to pay at least 50 billion market space. Many chain food and beverage brands have introduced a dragonfly brush face pay cash register, besides can improve efficiency of cashier, still can pass through online, pay treasure to membership information platform and the businessman, increased customer retention rate and conversion rate. Home base of the domestic food and beverage brands, for example, using brush face pay cash register, member of the growth rate exceeded 260%, after buying rate also rose 30%. Many retail supermarkets and chain stores, every checkout clerk asked whether the customers have a membership card, and greatly prolong the cashier checkout time each customer. And if pay cash register directly through the brush face, a face brush can automatically identify whether to the merchant's clerk, and automatically according to the member discount to complete the payment. Need not like traditional open card process, the manual to fill in the information such as name, phone number, directly on the dragonfly brush brush face face to pay cash, can be a key at the same time open the electronic card, save time and effort, open card efficiency to 6 times, but also to ensure that the user information accurately, reduce the risk of privacy. But with the increase of market demand, to brush a face to pay the cash register has also put forward more requirements, also not only the function of the dragonfly limitations on receiving payment. When I was a lot of customer consultation once asked: brush face clean code collection can pay the cash register? Brush the face can pay cash register card? Brush face self-help pay cash register can do cashier? Can brush face pay cash register can print receipts? Brush the face can pay the cash register in the parking lot fee? Brush face pay cash register can do delivery orders and group-buying cancel after verification? Brush brush past, although face to pay cash register can support face pays, sweep the yard, a key card, advertising shuffling, speech, and other functions, but after all is not so comprehensive, intelligent register function can do enters sells saves, aggregation, pay, reporting, and other functions, but with the technology development of brush face pay cash register and open the powers of the second development, dragonflies brush face pay more cash register can realize the function, can also be applied in the more scenes. Now, zhejiang, tianjin, many hospitals also introduces brush face pay cash register. But different from the ordinary brush face pay cash register, software for secondary development, through the health insurance card and register medical payment system, make the doctor of patients can be directly through the dragonfly brush face pay cash register to complete the payment, don't need to pay cost line. Dragonfly brush face because pay cash register and get through, pay treasure to the background and the user itself has the real-name authentication in paid treasure to the background. Application in hospital medical wisdom to upgrade, can be a one-time patient information inputting, register and pay expends three steps, even forgot to take my id card, medical card, medicare card or cash, can be registered by brush face pay cash register and pay cost, let patients can run a few less. Some restaurants and shops for self-service checkout using brush face pay cash register, after secondary development, pay treasure to dragonflies and receipts printers can be connected directly to sweep code gun, placed in the supermarket stores or cafeteria, customers can carry out self-help settlement cashier, even holding food, goods, or hand has oil and not to pay, also can pay directly through the brush face directly pay, hands free, is very convenient. Face recognition and the development of brush face pay constantly create new industry scene, refactoring user relationships with businesses and institutions. As long as to meet the needs of the market, with more creativity, combined with the research and development technology, brush face payment can give daily scene more features and applications.
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