Brush face to pay the advantage of privatisation deployment + system and independent deployment system difference

by:Fdata     2020-07-26
Brush face pay after fire in 2019 have some entrepreneurs into the industry, but there are many models on the market at present, today let's talk about the privatization deployment have what advantage? 1, the advantages of the system. Privatisation deployment, the cost will be relatively higher than price of agents to join, but directly with the official cooperation, with their own mobile payment system, convenient follow-up custom development new creative function. 2, the advantage of the data. Privatisation deployment system, all transactions data belong to entrepreneurs or mobile payment service providers, will no longer deal data also reflect on their server, and can analyze data and reasonable planning their own promotion strategies. 3, the advantage of official docking. Do service, can directly with the official cooperation, get official subsidy policy, could participate in the activities of the official service providers. The advantage of 4, permissions. His is the main brand, can according to their own way to promote the national market ( China merchants + direct extension merchants) All earnings are all of his own. 3 billion over the next three years, pay treasure will implement the drive brush face pay further popularization. Brush over the next three years face pay outlook period, brush face payment agent project could usher in a new outbreak, to seek business opportunities or transformation of the entrepreneurs and personally, brush face paying agent for the project is a very good business opportunities. Then we'll say brush face pay licensing system ( OEM) And independent deployment system ( SaaS) The difference between a 1. Stick a card system need to stick a card dealer maintenance, deployment is a fully independent maintenance of a complete set of brush their own face payment system; 2. Deployment can develop their own marketing function, need custom 3. Branded channel is made of the superior company, increased channel, temporarily does not support; Independent deployment of docking is to support the other three sides pay channels, independent settlement by the three parties company commission. 4. Have independent deployment developer center, have more rights ( For example I can give the lower agent advertising closed and open) From the above view, build system quite so direct work with WeChat pay treasure, don't need to join. Direct their can get the skill of policy and FenRun. Can also develop their own agents. If you have determined to want to do or powerful people can consider to do service resources.
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