Brush now face paying broad prospects, billions subsidies, profitable!

by:Fdata     2020-06-13
Internet era, the big bang AI, artificial intelligence, such as face recognition nouns like a timeless web celebrity frequently appeared in front of us. From research to development, and then fall to the ground application, brush face pay gradually came into our food and clothing live line, and its efficient and convenient role in many industries. For brush face future, some people think that equipment upgrade cost is too high, and as a new thing, it is difficult to form the climate, but in alipay WeChat giants, under the propulsion of brush more entrepreneurs to look at the face. So the following from the application value and market talk about subsidies and policy point of view, why to brush face of payment will be the trend of The Times: businesses upgrade: brush brush face to pay a lot of good face can pay gained popularity, the decisive factor is whether accepted by merchants, and from enhance management efficiency and marketing ability, brush face of pay is undoubtedly worthy of businesses upgrade: cashier efficiency compared with code for payment, brush face payment cancelled mobile phone among the media, due to the application of AI recognize faces, in addition to the first input, the fastest 1 s can complete the payment, for the user, this is undoubtedly experience to upgrade. For merchants, means to promote the efficiency of service, payment fast, according to the application of brush face after the payment, the cashier daily average service quantity is up to 70% increased, can greatly enhance management efficiency and reduce labor costs. Can assign a membership marketing brush face the biggest difference between the payment and scan code gun is not efficiency, but marketing ability, because the brush face equipment comes with touch screen and computing power, in meet sweep yards and brush face due to its basic pay function at the same time, can also be used for new retail marketing: using the interactive screen play activity posters, can convenient intuitive marketing message to the user, the solution to the merchant marketing pain points, at the same time WeChat frog with alipay dragonfly supports access applet members or CRM system, realize the brush face members, namely can do precise marketing. Policy benefit, qr code by limit according to the central bank's new rules, the current static qr code payments shall not exceed 500 yuan, at the same time limit of code in a single transaction amount, equivalent to the city now accounts for the highest rate of polymerization of yards sentenced to death. By contrast, thanks to the 3 d structure light sensor brush face pay more safe and controllable, being the central bank encourages the development of. Brush face pay even with lucrative market demand and policy, brush face pay promotion or leave the first-line agents, in order to compete for brush face behind the tide of new retail entrance, WeChat and alipay are introduced a lucrative agent support programs: billions subsidies sources say, micro credit to support the brush face to make up to billions of funds, and pay treasure to respond is unlimited, including WeChat frog single top 1540 yuan reward, pay treasure to dragonfly single seal 1600 yuan subsidy, such subsidies is almost equivalent to the equipment free of charge, basic can reassure merchants pay to upgrade to brush face, greatly reduce the agent market development resistance, and accelerate industry's popularity. Water FenRun in addition to the special profession, brush face pay merchants unified rate at 0. 38% - 0. 6%, that is $1000 per brush through face cashier, platform 2 - will be charged 6 yuan, and the agent exclusive rate can be obtained, and then obtain the official rate differential FenRun. On the premise of water big enough FenRun will be very handsome, should pay attention to is that businesses as long as the access agent background, after every transaction agents can be involved in running water FenRun, lying earn is truly sustainable. Pave a businessman is to discover a gold mine, it's every transaction benefits for you, each of its customers are locked in your name, payment business circle in the brush face any stores consumption all for your contribution to the commission. An investment, a lifelong lie, platform to support the agent set up exclusive business circle, king of wealthy private domain business circle. Want to business, want to seize the mobile tuyere entrepreneurs, the new brush face to pay the 498 science and technology company, WeChat, pay treasure to official service provider, to provide payment agent, brush brush face face payment system development, one-stop service.
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