Brush sets face equipment, introduced the station, to travel wisdom traffic speed!

by:Fdata     2020-05-10
Spring has started early this year, quite a few passengers will often go home by train or high-speed rail go home. According to the Ministry of Transport, according to four days before Spring Festival, the national railway, road, waterway and civil aviation passengers 2 were sent. 8. 5 billion person-time, 3 higher than the same period last year. 6%. The growth rate of which is is the railway transportation, the cumulative 4741 passengers. 28 80000, growth. 5%, choose path way ( The bus, drive) Home down 0. 6%. This proves that the railway transportation will be more and more get the welcome of the passengers. Especially in dealing with the large number of passengers travel peak peak season, many with high-speed railway station also introduced the id card recognition and face recognition device, convenient passenger brush brush id card or face directly collect the tickets, improve the efficiency of check-in, passengers lined up to collect the tickets check-in time. Passengers paper tickets, passengers buy tickets as contract documents and reimbursement vouchers. Now with the popularity of paperless electronic ticket, passengers without having to line up to buy and return for paper tickets, the self-service ticketing terminal directly using a mobile phone or at the station, through the brush brush face or id real-name ticketing. At the appointed time, passengers can brush brush brush qr code, id card or face into a train, way more diverse, don't have to worry about tickets, id card lost a can bus. In the future, customers can even brush face directly pay to buy tickets at the scene, and one-stop complete brush face recount stops, more save time. Station to introduce brush face recount equipment Beijing capital international airport in the domestic and international flight process, the new facial recognition. Boarding passengers can choose to use automated face recognition, passage of time just 3 seconds; Some statistics in the 4 a brush face recount channel under the condition of full open, more than 200 people boarding the flight can shorten to 13 minutes on average. Brush face recount equipment used in intelligent transportation way, although there are many convenient. But for now, there are still some pain points. One is for the elderly, the information written on the paper tickets on the black and white seat, sit what car to sit which can clearly see the, but using a brush face recount, the bus information by mobile phone to see, or on a self-service ticketing machine in addition to print, for the elderly is not very friendly don't know much about science and technology. Of course, if she has a young family company, this problem is not too much. The second is to travel to work, the ticket not only serve as proof of pit, is also a kind of an invoice for reimbursement. No electronic ticket as proof, business passengers will also print the ticket information. In general, brush brush id and face to collect the tickets, brush face recount can speed up the efficiency of passenger station, provide a more convenient way stops recount, also more than a choice for the traveler, reduce the working pressure, applied in the future in more station face brush face recount.
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