Brush to face the future payment? A profit?

by:Fdata     2020-06-19
Market is very big, the cake is very big, in the project on the tuyere, ali tencent's main support projects, relative to other industries, brush a face or better. Brush a face is 18 years at the end of the year began formal commercial, the entire market or in the developing stage, current best on the market do the merchant has not been occupied. And education has experienced from cash to qr code, merchants accept degree is high, the promotion of difficulty is low. Secondly, the current brush face market WeChat and pay treasure in large-scale subsidies, subsidies strength hardware is big, so the cost is low. The whole market is in a stage of hardware in short supply, so do good hardware side benefits are very considerable. Brush face a lot of people do at first pay is basic it is by the cost of the hardware of the subsidies to attract, but basically all these people can not earn money, unless you have a very powerful merchants client resources, a few chain a spread hundreds of units, the somebody else or real money out of money to buy your equipment. This kind of situation can make a fortune, or basically on the hardware cost is hard to make money. Brush information travels fast, and now face what payment policy, how much is the machine even need money to buy, merchants as long as a little message was loud and clear. With hundreds of thousands of cash for you buy brush face equipment, anyway I am to have no such luck. Plus pay the fierce market competition, at the end of the equipment is the premise of not losing money to merchants, so far from the hardware device. Which investment promotion sales tell you if so-and-so case hardware is how much money, not necessarily is deceiving, but could never happen to you. Whether do qr code payment or brush a face, finally actually do pay, what do pay on that money, we often say that water commission, is produced after every consumer service charge. For the moment, as a mobile payment service company, every can produce consumption amount is five over ten thousand to two over one thousand of the income, the income is basically as the main profit source of service company. So ultimately, do brush face pay company, want to have a long-term profit, also is to hold water. Brush face compared to qr code to pay, for business to liquidate the most valuable way to face the display of the consumers. If brush face pay after popularization, the screen will be in the form of advertising to make money. Recommend before laying face brush equipment and screen belongs or divided into businesses, the first sign the related agreement. So, in order to brush a face project, three pieces of income, it is not receive, two is running water less, three is only available in the future. But brush face really is not a good project to make money, I don't think so. Pay for brush face everyone said in tuyere, future trends and so on. For I have caught a tuyere, instead, I think the tuyere is not so important. Because tuyere never is just a temporary, and the meaning of tuyere project also can only make a money. Any project are centered on products and services, the traditional industry, mobile payment, brush face pay too. A startup program once said that China this land, no lack most is a wise man. As well as when we do together when the mobile payment is not without any competitors, it can go today, is also a handful. Everyone in the blank of the market confusion, become a word-of-mouth services, isvs product competition, market robbery, the balance of the company must be products, services, and word of mouth is very good. Do brush face payment items, too, don't think through tuyere earn a ticket.
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