Brush to face the future payment? Bank is about to launch a new payment will instead?

by:Fdata     2020-06-19
WeChat and alipay payment has been the national people's habitual, go shopping whether it is right now, you more is to bring a mobile phone, it is rare to see someone take cash out of the door. Paid by sweep code times, brush face pay is also popular. According to the report, in domestic has 1. 1. 8 billion users open the brush face cover, it is estimated that by the end of 2020 there will be 200 million people choose to brush a face. But we all know that each new things appear an acceptable process. In the same way, brush the face as a new kind of payment way, it also has a process of being accepted. In the process of brush face payment accepted, there is a big obstacle to is: brush to pay on face? Brush face pay just out of time, ma personally demonstrate features of face to pay, and said, face than scan code is more convenient and safer. Convenient is indeed, relative to the code for payment, select brush cheek pay phones don't have to take in the body, even don't have to worry about mobile power enough, but face brush is really safe? It has always been what some people worry about. As is known to all, alipay is the country's largest mobile payment platform, if there are users because the brush face pay and lead to loss of money, pay treasure to the compensation service is fast and reach the designated position, this look without having to worry about. But others said, if someone use my face photo or video of payment? We will lose money, although pay treasure to use technology to answer this part of the question, but as a new way of payment, brush face is some payment need to be perfect place, need to face the potential safety hazard. Throughout all worry, investigate its fundamental because, pay treasure to just behind a company, we chose one thousand brush the face, which is one thousand our facial information were criminals stealing or leaked out, one thousand property safety problem happened, in the face of so many one thousand, even the most privacy security responsibility in the aspects of a company's strength seemed a bit weak. If it is a country's well-being to launch a new payment? Perhaps everyone's view is different, the in the mind seems to be a little peace of mind. Last October, the China international economic and exchange center of Mr. Huang, vice director of the Shanghai bund financial summit, according to the content of the conference, the bank of China for digital currency has had the quite mature technology, no surprise, China will be the world's first introduced to the widespread use of digital currency and country. Research and development of the central bank and upcoming DECP digital currency, compared to brush a face or sweep code payment has very obvious advantages. Although both before and after the yuan digital, but DECP block chain technology, security is more technical support, and it will allow you to use, like the use of paper money, privacy has a good safety performance. Settlement and DCEP can directly by the central bank, this is the function of mobile payments do not have. Finally, DCEP is another powerful features: it does not need to rely on the network to pay! That is to say, everybody, if choose DCEP payment like before we use bill pay, completely don't have to worry about no wifi, cell phone no flow to pay the money. To sum up, the central bank will introduce new payment method, not only is behind the country's credit in pledge, safe and reliable, and in technology, let everybody have greater peace of mind to financial security and privacy, although the DCEP now also need to pay by phone, but these advantages, and is not restricted by the network advantages, the implementation of the pay this used all of the terms of payment are constituted a big threat. Now back to the topic, DCEP will pose a threat to brush a face pay in the future? From the analysis of the current view, brush face pay only advantage is not need to carry mobile phones can complete the payment. Ma Yunzeng pronounced that brush face pay will rise rapidly in the mobile payment market, intelligent is more convenience to our life. Will see Mr. Ma before predictions, whether it's about electricity, or something else, all in front of all implements, have to say that ma's have an eye for business prospects and guts, but this time about the brush face pay? In the end it will be accepted by most people? About the future, the possibility of probability is half half, ordinary as we did not dare to assert, but under the open market, under the benign competition in the market, the monopoly not only one kind of payment our daily payment options, such as Mr Ma said the last sentence, of course, there are many kinds of new way of payment will be in the future. Yes, sweep code to pay, or brush face to pay, or DCEP payments, or other new way of payment, all payment may be a day inside the ABCD options, there is no single choice under market liberalisation. So, small make up that did not replace say replace, user's preference of payment, want instead, the first thing to shake in man's a monster called habits.
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