Business tips! Solve the problem of the cash register is always restart

by:Fdata     2020-08-07
Monday is good, today we want to share about cashier cash register in the system always restart to do. If you see this article is business, you may come across, maybe not, but the collection is always right. Here is the guest safe system of cash register, for example, we through the following methods to solve: (1) whether screening in the android Settings set up regular shutdown (2) confirm whether power key can be normal use (3) confirm the socket voltage is stable, whether with multiple high-power electric connection, try to replace the single observation (4) to determine whether the power cord and adapter plug socket is loose (5) above points after confirmed no problem, you can try to reset the cash register, Restore factory Settings) Observation, if still appear frequently restart, it is recommended that contact the hardware manufacturer to return factory repair. Unless a cash register, hardware problem or a few small problems can be through the methods to solve.
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