Businessmen installed brush face pay advantage, improving operation efficiency and reduce labor costs!

by:Fdata     2020-07-25
As the giants in the alipay, WeChat heavily promoted, brush face paid by more and more people to know. Here, we can introduce for everybody: small make up brush face payment businesses: why do you want to install, brush face and sweep code payment have what advantage? 吗? Why should businesses pay brush face equipment installed? 1. Improve the grade of the stores to brush face can greatly improve the consumers' payment experience, can truly achieve zero medium zero operation can complete the payment. Consumers to buy new experience for us, bring more funky, cool sense of science and technology at the payment experience 2. Drainage new payment, fun experience, random avoid, reduce, brush brush face face red envelopes, brush, brush face at half price discount, more in line with the young people's spending habits now, can help more popular business, business sales are 20% higher than the average. 3. Brush face pay for improving operation efficiency to reduce costs, which reduce the manpower cost, time cost; System docking with the original, don't change the way of cashier, that is to say the original payment methods, payment more brush face, also obtained the cashier system, membership system, stores management system such as ordering system. Face brush and sweep code payment have what advantage? 1. A new experience, gout, attract the passenger flow. 2. Automatic deductions, improve business operational efficiency, improve the user experience. 3. Precision and differential marketing advertising inserts, help businesses. 4. Hardware into late return, reduce costs money. 5. Brush handle card face namely, eliminating manual handling card process, etc. , etc. Brush the face cover which can be applied to the scene inside? Hospital clinic, catering order sets, beauty salon, the scenic area, the school card, business super retail, hotel accommodation, transportation charge, station parking ticket, credit card and so on various application scenarios and field. In the future, brush face payment application field will be more widely. If you want to know more about brush face pay attention we brush the pig face articles can be focused on mobile payment data analysis solutions, mobile payment as the core, independent research and development with science and technology of black brush face pay AI, pay parking non-inductive, brush face pay health insurance, full automatic intelligent system, a red envelope member system, small program, and other products, used in medical, retail, large business, tourism, entertainment, catering and other industries, service for merchants to provide guidance and technical solutions.
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