Cafeteria takeout industry hotspot. Really have universal wisdom cafeteria?

by:Fdata     2020-05-09
During outbreaks, many local launched the emergency response and ban sit-down restaurant, gathered to reduce risk. The move has prompted some take-out platform and merchants, no contact delivery and distribution services, can not only reduce the risk of a meal, and can promote fresh and eat-in shop orders. Wisdom canteen domain is put forward, meanwhile, the online order + cupboard must targeted solutions, quick shunt hall patrons, ensure the safety of staff dining at the same time, support the normal operation of canteen, has quickly become the industry's star system. Wuhan has been unsealed, eat-in open gradually, but in order to quickly make up for the loss during the outbreak of stores large eat-in contactless distribution services, won the praise of users, take-away economic buck the trend. As a branch of sit-down dining industry on repast personnel control and food preparation, in the face of more variables. How to build diversified meals at the scene, strengthen the information management, canteen operating meals at perfect security system, is the enterprise the necessary options dining room upgrade. Yale university logistics assistant vice President in charge of lafite Helen think, food and beverage manager must be determined to buy the raw material the value proposition of the architecture. Wisdom canteen system which provides sufficient and scientific data, the system incorporates the latest artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing technology, such as the reform of the traditional canteen management means, let the canteen management more transparent, digital. Based on this, the wisdom canteen system online reservation - is put forward The canteen catering - Cupboard take meal mode, not only optimize the canteen manager management process, more can meet the special period, the canteen dining staff dining scene of functional, safety requirements. In addition, the wisdom the canteen system parallel to launch major take-away service, staff meals online booking of their favorite food, to the dining room window to the semi-finished products clean vegetables, or by the rider distribution to the cupboard and take food address, when have dinner for secondary processing, ensure food fresh and safe to eat, perfect the canteen operating model and diverse dining experience. But after the outbreak, contactless distribution will disappear? At zhongnan university of economics and executive director of institute of digital economy and argues that Lin upturn in contactless distribution during the outbreak brought a new user, let consumers know more about the new format, at the same time to speed up the supply chain system and logistics system of mature. Wisdom canteen will also continue to optimize the canteen operating upgrade solution. With the improvement of the science and technology, intelligent canteen penetration is higher and higher, popularize faster and faster, more and more enterprises canteen involved in the informationization upgrade army, enjoy the dividends of informatization. Canteen informatization construction is a continued ascension work, using technology to solve problems encountered in the canteen management, with new technology, new ideas to drive product solutions continue to upgrade, will be a revolutionary impact on industry.
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