Cashier scale 丨 the difference between traditional and intelligent, intelligent cashier scale advantage. _ intelligence scale

by:Fdata     2020-05-16
Cashier scale is a kind of used in shopping malls, chain stores and marketplaces use which has the function of item management to realize the cashier price computing scale. Supermarket fruit and meat are always little not it, in addition to this, is mainly used in cake shop, meat shops, fruit shop, dry goods shop, etc. , the biggest characteristic can press kg sales, can also according to the sales, are 58 thermal paper printed directly, the cost is low, can chain, thus replacing the second small cash registers. With the development of science and technology rapidly, the cashier scale is in constant innovation, from the previous traditional cashier cashier scale to the current intelligence scale. So what is the difference between intelligence scale and traditional cashier scale of cashier? Traditional scale of cashier, usually need to install the system, consume time generally more than two hours, still need professional operation, the merchants need careful training can understand the operation process. And intelligent cashier scale machine itself has installed operating software, function modules at a glance, even zero basic also can be used immediately. Bosses are concerned about the sales situation, hope to be able to analyze what is a good product to sell, sell how much, when you need to replenish onr's stock, probably need to how much. Traditional cash register scales large, bulky, covers an area of electricity, sometimes noisy let alone beautiful. Intelligent cashier scale small volume don't cover, sense of science and technology, placed in the store can promote the overall grade of shops, the cash register. Traditional scale of cashier, there is no one in the system through third-party docking delivery platform and WeChat, most of them are beside the cashier scale still need to place a print scanning qr code table tablet stands alone yards. Intelligent cashier scale which can receive orders and print the distribution, to save the time of order. Intelligent cashier scale system accurately to the detail inside distinguish each order payment, ( How much how much, WeChat accept cash, pay treasure to receive how much) Have additional statistics report, daily sales, profit situation can be mastered easily. These for traditional cashier scales are not function. The intelligent cashier scale advantage? Fruit of weighing the presented the assistant with often have to work to do and it fruit variety, is also a grape varieties, there are divided into different varieties such as roses, sweet grapes, grape, general customers can not find in the cashier scales are familiar with the corresponding fruit price standard. Fruits and vegetables are subject to last period is short, to do well in a timely manner to promote processing, discount, buy one get one free, specials, send these functions should have, at any time convenient to understand its stock time and enters sells saves the situation. Intelligent cashier scale, can be used to speed up the weighing of the cashier, the fruit and vegetable weighing and cashier function 2 for one, reduce customer secondary lining up trouble, more suitable for the supermarket fruit ShuCai District, special scenarios such as fresh fruit store.
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