Cashier software to provide the data analysis

by:Fdata     2020-07-15
The value of data to store data is not only a cashier. In today's big data store cashier software can analyze a large number of valuable data, store data management, help businesses make more reasonable decisions. 1, identify important customers have a famous theory, 80% of the results come from 20% of the customer, the customer 20% of customers is important. How to improve the loyalty of these key customers and viscosity are businesses need to often thinking of problem. Fun way cashier software can be through the membership information and spending habits, such as open card and polite, consumption and polite, member, specials, etc. , easily customize targeted, accurate sales promotion. In order to improve the member's interactivity. Provide for customers of different stages of intensification of member management and marketing methods of differentiation, accumulation and storage of long-term effective customer base, mining secondary consumption, improve member viscosity and loyalty. 2, increase customer repeat and joint rate of customer demand for commodities is often not a single. Before buying a product, they may need to buy some goods. The consumption data from the analysis of large data. Coupons and store cashier 15-23 in software and other activities to stimulate customer further consumption, help stores to analyze reasonable sales matching scheme, increase the rate of customer purchase and joint, maximize customer value. 3, improve customer satisfaction for business, boring cashier software innovation marketing approach, and stagger the peak dining services; Saving order, dining, checkout time, increase the turn number; Save labor costs. For consumers, cashier software can online booking in advance. Order is not in line; A meal don't line up; The check-out don't line up. Improved customer satisfaction. Under the big data, store the value of the cashier system not only confined to the cashier. Through the analysis of large data, can accurately come into contact with the customer, the real combination of online help real store to improve the quality and efficiency.
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