Cashier system accessories and code gun, common problem solving methods

by:Fdata     2020-08-04
Cashier system of standard code gun, I believe that businesses must not unfamiliar. Both retail and catering invoicing, always need to sweep the yard. But for scan code gun problems, many businesses headache, today small make up according to the daily business feedback problems, list the solution. 1, why don't I sweep code gun on rear light bright? (1) in USB port, if the amount is USB hole problem, if not continue to light. (2) put code to connect computers, if light is the cash register the mainboard problem, if not bright as sweeping code gun hardware failure. 2, why sweep sweep the commodity code is the drop, but the cashier software have no reaction? Cut to the desktop, into the calculator, flicking code gun in a calculator, see if you can sweep out, if you can sweep out, is a software problem, you can kill the process, try again to login again. If not to come out, is sweeping code gun problem, contact maintenance providers. 3, why would sweep code gun, flicking goods can't into the cashier software? Case 1: some goods can't sweep, sweep parts can be code set up problems, may be sweep code gun open special barcode not set, gun maintenance consulting sweep yds or manufacturer condition 2: all goods can't sweep, hardware failures, maintenance party repair service!
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