Catering enterprises by the outbreak, a fast food restaurant how to self-help order for a business

by:Fdata     2020-05-09
Affected by the new crown virus outbreak, the catering enterprises are facing the hit, sit-down is prohibited in many places even. The rest of the stores only rely on delivery business to make a living. By contrast, McDonald's, burger king, the chain is through the non-contact order service, adhere to the normal open. Is this why? If ever use self-help order machine from help order, promotive to enhancing queue order meal efficiency and save time, so the epidemic period using self-service order machine, is to reduce the number of human contact. Self-help order by phone or use in-store self-help order machines without contact point meal service, reduce artificial order contact, reduce the risk of infection. As one of the fast food restaurant, said every two hours for domestic self-help order machine and counter disinfection, to ensure the health and safety. In-store self-help order machine regularly disinfected on why fast-food restaurants are to rely on self-help order to maintain normal business? Is a fast food restaurant meal product itself is already a semi-finished or finished product, a little heat pack a meal can be quickly, don't need a chef in, also don't reserve fresh food as possible, reduce the risk of food contamination. One is most suitable for food packaging and food restaurants set, is different from other restaurants for dinner main meals. 2 it is to use mobile phone self-service order or store domestic self-help order machine, customers can scan code to pay complete self-help cashier invoicing, pack out, do not need to line up, do not need to gather in one place for a long time waiting, just reflect the fast advantage of fast food, and to reduce labor costs. Three is chain of fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's, burger king, had to cultivate the habit of customers using the self-service order. PM on the mobile phone small programs and self-help order machine for the majority of customers already is normal. Burger king stores use sky-wave self-help order machine, it can support the self-help order, sweeping brush, face payment, print receipts, order payment process does not need to contact the clerk, convenient security. Burger king in-store sky-wave self-help order machine layout self-help order early, just play it in this very period of another advantage. So even if the outbreak for many food and beverage outlets temporarily shut the door was closed, because of the introduction of the self-help order form, the impact on McDonald's, burger king, the chain not too big. In the outbreak period, the catering shops risk open, provide meals for those who return to work an office worker, pioneer by business layout, but also a social responsibility. Allegedly, is affected by the outbreak, the domestic temporarily closed half stores, Hamburg, but she CEO pointed out that this year will open more stores in China. Looking forward to spring, we can finally take off the mask, to eat with friends.
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