Chain management system function introduction, one-stop solution to store a guest problem!

by:Fdata     2020-05-09
Now faced with the rapid development of the Internet of the situation, businesses should pay attention to products, services, not just, more important is to manage their own customers and retain them and make its spending again, but the members of an offline businesses operating in the process of effect is often not satisfied. Merchants in the development of a new member when doing marketing activities is far more costly than maintain an old member of the energy costs, businesses when give some fresh blood to the shops, but imperceptible in erosion and old members, that thed loss outweights the gain, so how to build a membership marketing system becomes one of the priorities for the businesses. So aggressive advocate of chain management system is how to help businesses how to build a member marketing system for marketing activities? First: chain member management system analysis in the store consumption levels and habits characteristic, through the membership marketing system to analyze its recent consumption amount and to store the number of times, and analysis, screening of high consumption of members present electronic coupons, coupons, etc. , this way can make members feel a sense of superiority and sense of value, make the members' psychological has a sense of satisfaction and shopping experience, such marketing methods to new members the effect is much better. Secondly, merchants can also in grade chain member management system to store set up exclusive discounts and stored value discount. Such as a member in the store consumption the scope of the cumulative amount of merchants set members to buy any product can get a discount, the discount and to merchants in affiliate marketing system set up corresponding amount. Third: business at the time of members to set level, chain member management system for members of consumption, customers in the late tracking is also a necessary working procedure, member consumption data is the key of the business concern, most of the profit comes from the loyal members, customer is the store management and emphasis, once the customer's after-sale tracking does not reach the designated position, so the customer will be lost, after-sale link is one of the member to establish the focus of the marketing system. Affiliate marketing can't do simple copy, chain member management system combined with the operation of businesses and members of the consumption characteristics of targeted building, the development, analysis, affiliate marketing activity. So merchants to statistics after activities to members of every consumer information, want to accurate and effective to divide the membership grade, it is only through large consumption data to extract valuable information, to locate the member level, creating more efficient marketing.
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