Chain store cashier system how to realize synchronous stored permanently retained?

by:Fdata     2020-07-14
Don't know whether you have found that a growing number of retailers are using the cashier system? What reason be? What benefit can retail cashier system brings to the stores? Cashier system to store large data statistics and analysis of real-time. Anytime, anywhere for data analysis, and implement synchronous permanent storage, retained. Chain store cashier system synchronization stored permanently retained? 1, improve the efficiency of cashier from the two scenarios: one is the boss is using the calculator goods, and then tell the customer how many money, then write a note to the customer, and the other is the cashier and code was used to payment receipts, simple and quick. In the store, the customer is impossible to buy a lot of a lot, because he knew that account have to wait a long time, so the cashier system businesses improve the efficiency of the cashier. 2, inventory at a glance when asked how much is the product by the customer, businesses can directly open the query management background, store inventory be clear at a glance. In the background can be found in the database that stores a month into how many goods, how are sales in recent months, the day the guest unit price, how many people are there in new members. Sales, profits, procurement, suppliers, and the total payment is in the database, to make reconciliation, inventory is also simple. 3, support for multiple scenarios like retail shops, they often in daily promotions, cashier system based on discounts, special offers, sent three full promotion plan. Promotion plan can be set according to the usage scenario arbitrary, combining with promotion report view real-time interactive effect. Payment system integration of a variety of retail stores, including the membership card, bank CARDS, WeChat, pay treasure, cash payments, universal coverage of all kinds of cashier, bring a variety of payment options for the user, to improve fluency. Eventually help stores quickly and stably and accurately complete the checkout process, improve the user experience of payment.
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