Chain store cashier system power outlets to solve accounting problems, improve the efficiency of store management!

by:Fdata     2020-04-25
Payment now is becoming more and more diversified, cash payments, WeChat, pay treasure, or membership card payments, payment unionpay card and so on, liberated the payment change link, save the collection time, improve the operation speed of chain, but in view of the payment and settlement, businesses may need to solve many problems. ( Chain store cashier system) Chain store cashier system how to payment settlement store accounting problems? 1. The diversity of payment due to the alipay and WeChat platform consumption amount limit, partial businessman, when clearing, when customer consumption amount is larger, the use of mobile payment platform is unable to pay. Using cashier system, cashier and settlement, not only can use pay treasure, WeChat scan code to pay, also can choose according to the settlement amount and consumer demand a variety of payment. 2. Print invoice detail using mobile payment and settlement, consumers to buy payment platform, a query can be used to record, but not detailed statement records, such as commodity price, the amount of real pay, whether discount information and so on, can print receipts for customer review to verify, convenience of our customers query consumption situation in a timely manner. 3. Data statistics report such as promotional activities, store, and holiday marketing activities, increase store traffic, spurt, clinch a deal the order data for the management running stores data, and profitability analysis activity effect, there are a lot of pressure, not to mention the chain store's business data. At this time, the use of cashier management system, the businessman is not only can easily solve the peak consumption of settlement work, also can store online consumption statistics to generate reports, financial accounting and fast without mistakes, greatly improve the efficiency of management activity analysis work. 4. Marketing tools, of course, only the cashier management system is not enough, higher than the cashier management system, is a new retail store management system, in addition to the cashier, also provides marketing mix spell group and other popular activities, for example, for the mall talk drainage. Online firing, all-round for the guest. Developing members talk talk, coupons, staff distribution system card coupon marketing talk fast talk function, etc. ( Member of the distribution system)
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