China refueling, the refueling 丨 worldwide outbreak, sky wave in action

by:Fdata     2020-05-22
New crown pneumonia to become the world's a war of no gunpowder smoke, before the outbreak, no bystanders, everyone can be the leading role of the outbreak, regardless of national boundaries, regardless of nationality, we only love, common outbreak. During the war outbreak, guangdong sky-wave reveal strong corporate responsibility and social engagement, in the form of goods + technology combining outbreak. Guangdong sky wave information technology co. , LTD. Was established in June 1999, is a national high-tech enterprise, national torch plan key high-tech enterprise. Company is a leading domestic enterprise information communication equipment, intelligent pos equipment and solutions provider, the company has brush face a cash register TPS680C, dragonflies, pay treasure box F1 brush face self-service register TPS650T, wisdom hotel check-in machine TPS717B buffet and so on many high quality products. Corporate liability, resistance to disease of science and technology. In the outbreak of strikes in moments of crisis, the guangdong sky wave as a bear of science and technology enterprises, using their own mature AI technology, actively respond to a nation called on, cooperate with local government defense controls. Through mature AI technology to assist personnel flow monitoring, satisfy the non-contact temperature measuring + mask + face recognition scene demand, rapid identification of lock and tag fever crowd, identify special personnel, automatic alarm, and other functions, using the data from monitoring personnel in and out of the cloud, from the source to reduce the spread of the virus. Sky wave to the technology as a weapon to products as a shield that became the disease resistant rear solid technological strength. Guangdong sky wave has been paying close attention to the development of epidemic situation, within the company actively collecting cloud, individuals and companies to donate money to the related areas. As a member of the army rear anti epidemic diseases, carry forward the sky wave to selfless into the private enterprise idea, actively give back to society, sky-wave obligatory. And the heart is global, overseas donation. The explosive trend recently, the epidemic overseas unexpectedly, guangdong sky-wave concerned about the safety of people worldwide, learned that overseas medical and epidemic prevention materials lack, for people to donate money overseas medical protective clothing and N95 respirator supplies, resistance to disease prevention and control work for overseas. Before the outbreak, no country is an island. Human destiny community reflect incisively and vividly, growing globalization, no one can escape, the people of the world is one. China's resistance to disease experience recognised by the world, the most important is that the Chinese people unite as one. Worldwide outbreak, sky wave in action! Outbreak, guangdong sky wave with China, and more with the world, as long as the global people's unity is strength, overcome difficulties, will win the battle the disease. China refuels! The world!
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