Chinese POS industry communication yearbook ( The 2020 version) Formally entered the stage of information to verify!

by:Fdata     2020-06-08
New crown pneumonia virus outbreak intensified abroad, according to who statistics, real-time 9, 00 (as of GMT Beijing time 9 08) New global champions, pneumonia confirmed 1356780 cases of patients; 79385 cases of death. Data is so amazing, the world is facing a huge challenge, in order to control the outbreak, countries have adopted the sealing, so the POS for the foreign market was greatly affected by the enterprise. For companies only do the foreign market, in the development of the current difficult environment, it is hard to survive and develop, the market to the domestic is needed to better development. And the current domestic return to work and production period, a vast market and large amount of supply and demand, it is in the transformation of opportunity. Then could face a problem, however, is the enterprise long-term and foreign market docking, only lack of domestic enterprise's resources and cooperation way, will not be able to carry out domestic operations. To this end, China pos network communication in China pos industry yearbook will be published, The 2020 version) , yearbook will be free to all parts of the country POS software and hardware manufacturers, suppliers (upstream and downstream Screen, main board, printer, cashbox, consumables, scanning equipment, power supply, a function template, and other enterprises) , and national distributors, agents and other related enterprises all information included in, convenient and colleagues to consult the information, business exchanges and cooperation. Better power POS enterprise rapid recovery, maximum reduce business impact in the outbreak. POS machine network in China under the joint efforts of all staff, the yearbook has completed thousands of POS related enterprise information statistics, formally entered the stage of information verification, the POS machine to transmit the union called in the next two months as companies one by one to verify information, verification is completed we will put the free enterprise information included in yearbook, in this also please give corresponding to cooperate, thank you very much for your support! It is worth mentioning that the yearbook will provide enterprises with special advertising sector, companies can above the yearbook on the color page ads, designed to help enterprises to carry out new product publicity and maintain the brand influence, this is also the bright spot of yearbook! In the current difficult circumstances, yearbook of the advertising sector got the favour of many POS enterprises, many enterprises are willing to advertise in yearbook. Especially no propaganda way or the need for new product propaganda enterprise, is the perfect opportunity! So we must grasp the good opportunity, now or never, like the present! Yearbook at least will out once a year. Share information and resources, common growth and development. At present domestic epidemic began to improve, and has been gradually enter the stage of calm, the peak period of recovery is need to strengthen enterprise's promotion and cooperation. And stuck in foreign markets, domestic market competition will also rapidly increasing, so the domestic of all kinds of resources should be grasped, the domestic market together bigger and stronger. Development and expansion of POS industry can't do without a common efforts, China POS network is with you always, always committed to build POS industry best exchanges and cooperation platform, wholeheartedly for the sustainable development of POS industry to provide quality service! If you want to subscribe to this yearbook, can focus on the POS network subscription WeChat public number ( pos580com) , the first menu below industry yearbook online reservation confirmation, consulting and advertising for details please contact us: Chen wei: 18600909037 ( WeChat with Numbers) Complement: 13158019082 ( WeChat with Numbers)
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