Cliff fall. Outbreak of how retailers to save customer self-service checkout way?

by:Fdata     2020-05-31
A new crown pneumonia outbreak, to want to make a plate of rich in the Spring Festival season retail poured a plate of cold water. People don't go out, a sharp drop in traffic, shops are shuttered. According to the China chain association, this year Spring Festival, shopping center average passenger flow has fallen by 70% ~ 80%, the average by more than eighty percent drop in sales. Compared with offline retail bleak, online order, new retail distribution got home has played a role in the outbreak. Online retail shopping a supermarket chain, said in the past orders for a day on average 200, under the national housebound period, orders rose to 600 every day. As the outbreak there has been a positive change, many shopping malls supermarkets are open their doors. How to make the customer the confidence back to the store consumption, no contact shopping is to ensure that the entity retail shops an important part of normal business. Vulcan mountain no supermarket way of self-help cashier, brought inspiration for retailers. Use self-service register, reduce the cashier and customer contact, can significantly reduce the risk of infection in close contact with people. At the same time, with the self-service checkout efficiently, also can reduce the customer in line with the crowd gathered themselves together, and let more secure shopping environment. Part no retail stores, more application self-service register and self-help container, implement open 24 hours a day, reduce the labor costs at the same time, also can guarantee the Spring Festival and outbreak period business is not affected. Customers to use self-service supermarket cash register without contact shopping, self-help cashier let no one retail this concept has a new development possibilities. Solely on February 7, there is no retail stocks in the stock market gains achieved 3 old. 94%. At the beginning of February. Vanguard supermarket some stores increases the 12 sets of self-service register. Rui xing no self-service coffee machine is put into use in wuhan righties hospital, no contact for reduce the risk of the spread of the virus. Sky-wave desktop self-help TPS650T the cash register, can brush face support payment, sweep the yard and thermal print receipts, selecting sweep code equipment, support commodity barcodes scan code. At the same time, the sky wave desktop self-help settlement cash register TPS650T volume small, the position such as flexible placed at the checkout counter, save floor space. Sky-wave new retail self-service cajas TPS650T sky wave vertical screen self-service settlement checkout TPS722 with 21. 5 inches capacitive touch screen and qr code scanning box, can support commodity barcode scanning identification payments and receipts, code printing, suitable for supermarket cashier scene buffet. Sky-wave brush face self-service checkout TPS722 intelligent self-service register in addition to being able to provide customers with no contact shopping service, reduce the human dealer cost, also can pass the intelligence report real-time analysis of sales and inventory consumption, make goods rack up and down and supply schedule. By collecting sales data, intelligent self-service can timely understand the status of the goods stores the cash register, reduce material shortage and the backlog of goods. No contact service and no contact shopping brought new thought for the traditional retail enterprise, online shopping and out of contact with customers to use shopping habits are cultivated, self-service checkout and online shopping will become retail enterprises with compressive weapons of all kinds of challenge, bring new opportunities.
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